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If you’ve read this site for any length of time, you have probably noticed that I write about my host (RimuHosting) about once a year. If you have spent any time researching hosting providers online, you have likely run across comments about Rimu along the lines of “The support is amazing!” and you think to yourself “Well I emailed the support for XYZHost that one time and they replied and fixed my issue, so I guess XYZHost’s support is amazing too…” – I don’t think what you are experiencing is the same thing as what RimuHosting offers, so I want to try and quality exactly what is Amazing about the support.

In short, RimuHosting is an “Amazing” company to host with for 3 reasons:

  1. Small Company – It is a relatively small company with a very flat org chart. Everyone that works there has joined the company in a very organic manner over the years through their love of Linux or knowledge of hosting and desire to be associated with that company. Everyone at that company is some level of a Linux Expert. No one you ever speak to is just trying to figure out the command line or learn what package-management is. These guys know things like which packages in which releases of Ubuntu had known issues with XYZ other package and how to patch it because they all talk and know what each other is working on. There is none of that time-consuming “Level 1” and “Level 2” support experience.
  2. Smart People – Everyone you talk to at a Support or Sales capacity is an intelligent human being that can reason through any request you are making; for example, you might ask for a discount if you buy up a number of the older dedicated hosts or negotiate high bandwidth caps if that is what you need. Additionally you might ask them to install a package, fix some software or if they “Know anything about…” setting up some other kind of system and more times than not, the person in the office that knows exactly what you are asking about will go ahead and do it for you free of charge in a number of hours. It is hard to quantify this point, but when you are only dealing with smart people at a company, the experience is so much smoother and rewarding than you could pay to get anywhere else.
  3. Excellent Hardware – Rimu makes it a point to utilize solid hardware when they put together their boxes (used for both VPS and Dedicated hardware) – in 6 years I’ve never experienced any form of hardware failure and continue to get excellent performance out of my Xeon-based boxes. I really appreciate that Rimu utilizes nice hardware as opposed to the cloud-based providers that utilize common consumer hardware that can result in more frequent failures and need for you to keep an eye on your apps and move hosts when necessary (e.g. AWS).
All in all if you are looking for a hosting provider with multiple global locations that will help you to be successful as you grow from a VPS to a Semi-dedicated VPS to a dedicated host (without YOU needing to do that transition work yourself), I can’t recommend RimuHosting strongly enough.

DISCLAIMER: I am receiving nothing from RimuHosting for this writeup (or any of the other writeups I have ever done on them or any other hosting company). I have never received any discount, refund, bonus or benefit from RimuHosting for any content I have ever posted on this site. I do these writeups because I consistently have excellence experiences with them over the last 6 years and think that is worth sharing with the world (for the same reason I blog about my worse hosting experiences).

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