SmugMug Java API

The kallasoft SmugMug Java API is a high performance (very low overhead) Java API written ontop of the SmugMug JSON Web Service.

The SmugMug Java API allows developers to use the SmugMug APIs (e.g. getting user information, creating albums, adding images, etc.) without needing to generate the correct Web Service query or parse the JSON response.

The SmugMug Java API supports many versions of the SmugMug API starting with version 1.2.0; the developer can choose the version of the API to use based on the package of classes he chooses to work with. For the most part differences between each release are minimal so transitioning between say 1.2.0 to 1.2.1 should be fairly straight forward.

The kallasoft SmugMug Java API is a heavily tested API including complete test-case coverage for all the functionality it implements. This serves not only as a good QA cycle for the API before shipping new versions, but also helps as a sanity check to make sure the SmugMug API itself is staying consistent with each release.


The benefit of using the kallasoft SmugMug Java API is being able to interact with the SmugMug Web Services without being concerned with things like URL structure, opening and closing streams, reading character streams from the service, parsing the JSON reply into usable objects, etc.

The API allows you to simply execute an action, like asking SmugMug for a list of Albums a user has, and getting back a list of exactly that… a java.util.List of Album objects that contain all that information and can be iterated over immediately.

Products or Projects Using the SmugMug Java API