SmugMug Downloader




SmugMug Downloader is a cross-platform Java desktop client application that can be used to download albums from your SmugMug account.

For other album/image downloading solutions, be sure to check out AlbumFetcher (Windows) and RapidFetcher (Cross Platform)!

SmugMug Downloader was written using the SmugMug Java API.


Hopefully the UI of the SmugMug Downloader is straight forward. You start by logging in, once you have logged in the application automatically refresh the album table with a list of your albums.

You can sort the table by clicking the column headers.

Select the albums you wish to download, select a download directory and then click the Download button to begin the process.

The download only downloads Original image sizes right now, so no need to worry about downsampling or somehow ending up with something different than what you uploaded to SmugMug.

If there are any errors that occur during the download, you will be given a chance to stop the download or continue on to the next Image or Album.

There is currently no support for canceling downloads yet, but you can achieve the same effect by simply closing the application.


  • 07-28-09: Initial release. There are a few bugs around download directory selection that will be ironed out shortly.