AJAX MD5 Hash Generator

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What is it?

A web-based, AJAX-enabled MD5 hash generator. Click here to use it.


Paste in any text you want an MD5 hash generator for into the box, then click the “Generate MD5” button. Below a green result box will appear with a 32-character MD5 hash code that you can use to uniquely verify that text.

Does it cost money?

No way, it’s free!

What about Security?

This application does not:

  • Store or Remember any values (encode or decode) that it processes.
  • The Server hosting the app has logging turned off (no request/response logs)

This application has no persistent state, in fact, it was written using a stateless Java web framework!

Open Source?

It sure is. You can read through and download the source code for this (and all of our) AJAX app over at GitHub!