AJAX Binary to Text Converter

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What is it?

A web-based, AJAX-enabled Text-to-Binary and Binary-to-Text converter utility. Click here to use it.


If you are on the Binary to Text tab, paste your binary text characters into the box (e.g. a slew of text that looks like “0110100101101000”), and hit the “Decode to Text” button. Below a green result box will appear and the decoded text will be shown to you. You can copy and paste the results.

If you are on the Encode to Binary tab, paste in normal plain text that you want encoded into the box, then hit the “Encode” button. Below a green result box will appear and the binary-encoded text will be shown to you.

Does it cost money?

No way, it’s free!

What about Security?

This application does not:

  • Store or Remember any values (encode or decode) that it processes.
  • The Server hosting the app has logging turned off (no request/response logs)

This application has no persistent state, in fact, it was written using a stateless Java web framework!

Open Source?

It sure is. You can read through and download the source code for this (and all of our) AJAX app over at GitHub!


  • 1/7/10 – Fixed a bug when text is pasted in with newlines.
  • 9/9/10 – Added support for Little/Big Endian in decoding and encoding step. Added support for Spaces in output binary so it looks nicer in printed text.