The Buzz Media is an online property that has a news & review site component as well as the producer of a handful of popular pieces of Java software.

Below is a list of all the software that The Buzz Media has released.


  • – Universal Binary JSON Specification – A simple, 1:1 compatible binary JSON specification designed with help and feedback from the JSON spec community and many others (big thanks to CouchDB team). On average 30% reduction in size to data set and big boost in reading/writing performance with the optimized-for-reads binary format.

Java Libraries

  • imgscalr – Simple, fast (hardware accelerated) image scaling library for Java.
  • ExifTool – Most advanced Java integration with Phil Harvey’s powerful ExifTool with an intuitive Java integration that hides all the complexities with none of the pitfalls of calling out to an external app.
  • Simple Java XML Parser (SJXP) – Simple (4 classes) abstraction to low-memory/high-performance XML Pull Parsing that allows the use of XPath-like rule definitions to easily parse XML content in Java with the speed of XML Pull Parsing.
  • Amazon CloudFront Log Parser – Ultra high speed log parser for AWS CloudFront log files. Simple API that is still able to deliver performance on par with 130k records/sec on 4-year old desktop hardware.
  • Redis Java Client (DB Driver) – High performance Java client for Redis with a simple and clean API. No factories, no managers, no confusing settings; just use it, and it will run as fast as the server will allow. Utilizes advanced NIO techniques optimizing the use of direct byte buffers to maximize native stack throughput.
  • SmugMug Java API – A high-performance Java API used for interfacing with the SmugMug photo sharing site. The API allows you to easily create/manage albums, photos and more on SmugMug from any Java application.

Web Applications

Desktop Applications


If you have questions, bug reports or comments about any of the software please contact us at