Second Life Population as a Low-Cost Workforce

Max Klein wrote about how instead of coughing up $9000 USD for professional native-translation work, he turned to the Second Life community as an outsourced cheap workforce and got the same amount of content translated for 11,960 L$ — that’s Linden Dollars, the Second Life currency which currently has a conversion rate of 260:1 (L$ to USD).

I had no idea you could tap into the Second Life community to do work like this. Max hasn’t followed up with an update on the quality of the work being done by Second Lifers or how he got them engaged (is there a job board in Second Life? I’ve never played).

For those of you that have menial work that needs to get done and don’t want to go the Second Life route, Amazon offers the Mechanical Turk service that is somewhat similar in that you are offering units of work and a payment rate to a community of real-life folks who can churn away on that for you.

Then again, Second Life has sex… so that’s probably a more entertaining way to pass the time while you wait for your work units to complete.

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3 Responses to Second Life Population as a Low-Cost Workforce

  1. Lillipia November 26, 2010 at 12:11 pm #

    It is also possible to advertise in Second Life (websites) for much cheaper price per clicks then at Google Adsese 0.04 USD $ per unique click of a person behind an avatar.

  2. Wili Clip January 7, 2011 at 11:32 am #

    Nobody has to accept a job against a low payment. If you respect yourself and all the time that you invested in your education you won’t accept work where you’d have to worn yourself out for cheap.

    Those that will accept really low payment will possibly do the non-professional work.
    It same at website designing – every script kiddy can put up a website for cheap. But companies still pay a lot for unique design.

    I don’t think that Second Life is a source for cheap labour at least not for professional work.

    What you pay for is what you’ll get in terms of service quality.


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