Scott Adams Song by Committee: She Amazed Me

A long time reader just sent in a fantastic link over to Scott Adams blog (creator of Dilbert) where he asked his readers to submit portions of a song with lyrics that were nonsensical but almost made sense, which seems to be the case with most pop-songs.

Anyway, they did and then the German band RIVO DREI took the lyrics and actually made a badass song out of it: She Amazed Me

The best is this fan video of it on YouTube that associates the lyrics to funny pictures all the way through, really punctuating how retarded the lyrics are, but you wouldn’t otherwise notice it because the song itself is pretty damn catchy… check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. GrantGochnauer February 21, 2008 at 5:21 pm #


    Girls in my ear with frogs on my feet but the other day crapped pants because the cheese wiz in the microwave.

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