Olyphant to Play Agent 47 of Hitman Fame

Kotaku reports that Hitman is going to get made into a movie with Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47. I’ve always liked the character in the Hitman series and actually disliked the dialog they gave him and personalization that eventually leaked into his character. I envisioned him in my mind is a merciless machine with a […]

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Top 10 Horror Movie Deaths of All Time

Maxim has put together an awesome collection of the top 10 horror movie deaths of all time. As a horror movie buff (mostly for the gore) this was great.

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Server Virtualization Cuts Performance in Half

I don’t think there are too many surprises here. Using server virtualization makes managing the servers easier, but cuts performance roughly in half (43%). I never quite understood the craze with virtualization. I suppose the enterprises here are pushing this adoption, wanting to have the ability to manage their servers independent of physical boxes in […]

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HD-DVD Consortium Fires Back Against BluRay Successes

It looks like HD-DVD group is getting angry and are going to fire back in the next month or so against the success the BluRay crowd is seeing. That includes 2 new “low-cost” ($500 and $600) versions of the Toshiba HD-DVD player and then 70 HD-DVD title releases over the next 3 months or so. […]

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World Declares Shenanigans on DirecTV's "100 HD Channels" Claim

We have covered DirecTV’s lies about it’s “superior HD quality” and customer/competitor’s reactions to those claims. Now it seems that the true story behind DirecTV’s “100 HD Channels” ad campaign is out as well over at Engadget HD. As anyone that likes HD and is a DirecTV customer knows, DTV has been promising “more” HD […]

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Mitsubishi WD-65831 Windex Screen Damage

Don't Clean Your HDTV Screen with Windex / Glass Cleaner

So you’ve heard the techies say to you for years now, but you never understood why (that goes for me to): “Don’t use Windex or anything else to clean your HDTV screen!” I really wish there were a warning somewhere prominent on the box… how’s this for a warning on a $4k TV: What you […]

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Trailer Due Thursday

1up has a story up speculating what could be improved in GTA4 with the first trailer (for the XBox 360 version?) scheduled for release this Thursday (3/29/07). I think the only thing people should be concerned with is if the franchise will add full multiplayer (versus AND co-op… almost co-op more importantly). The reason I […]

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Nimbus Combo Boxes

Java Swing LNF: Nimbus

There has been some buzz recently surround a new LNF (look and feel) being worked on at Sun called Nimbus. Over all I think it looks fantastic and doing a great-looking LNF is something I’ve always wanted to do, but never set down to actually work on. Here are some quick shots of what Nimbus […]

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Eljer Titan 091-777

Choosing a Toilet

Strange topic for today isn’t it? But we all poop… so hey. I think for all the folks that live in one of the new-built homes that are going up a dime-a-dozen across America, one thing you’ll likely notice is the $50 blue-light-special toilets these builders use. One of my least favorite toilets on earth […]

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XBox 360 DVD Comparison Shot

XBox 360 DVD Playback is Trash

ExtremeTech just did an extensive comparison between the XBox 360 DVD playback (apparently either the built-in DVD drive and HD-DVD addon both produce crap) and a standard Denon DVD player. The result is that the 360 is trash. It nails a HQV (max score of 130) score of 20 (for comparison, sub-$50 DVD players from […]

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GameStop Keeps Selling Opened Games as New

I was reading rumors about this 2 or 3 years ago, and then in the last year seeing more and more stories about this popping up on Digg and other sites about GameStop selling open games as new. Some show all the new games to you in the case, but when you ask for it, […]

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Children Don't Need Science

Curtosey of The Onion, I love it:

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God of War Screenshot

God of War Review

Ok so I just wrapped playing God of War on my new PS3, and the final take is: Freaking awesome. Even though this game is a PS2 game and looks a little dated, especially on larger HDTV sets, the game play and effects that you do so are so well done and so exciting that […]

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PS3 "Big March Firmware Update", v1.6 Notes

Here’s the poop: Folding @Home: Now you can participate in the worldwide distributed computing protein folding experiments from Standford University, in hopes to further understand human genetics. You can access the Folding @Home application under Network on the XMB Internet Browser Pinpoint Zoom and Resolution Settings: You can now choose to zoom into a portion […]

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Impressions of First BluRay Movie on PS3

I just got done watching my first BluRay movie (Crank) on the PS3, and here are my impressions: Holy Shit! Sorry for the foul language, but I have no other explanation for you. The level of detail of watching a full 1080p movie on this set was about 15-20% sharper than the best HD-DVD movie […]

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PS3 + HDMI = Black Screen

Ok so a few people had this problem and so did I. Essentially you hook the PS3 up to your TV over HDMI, and you get a signal, but it’s a black screen.  I had been waiting about a week to get my HDMI cable in the mail from MonoPrice and when it finally got […]

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