GNOME 2.18 Glade GUI Designer

GNOME 2.18 Released

We will have Ubuntu 7.04 in the beginning of next month as well, very slick. For the links: Announcement Download the LiveCD and Try it Release Notes And some screenshots, because that’s all I ever look for too

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Microsoft Denies Revised XBox Release and Price Adjustment in May

The whole scoop, and summary: According to sources from German gaming site Xbox-Archiv, Microsoft will cancel the $299 Xbox 360 Core model, reduce the price of its current 20 GB Premium model to $299 (Euros), and release the new black Zephyr this May for around $400… My guess is that the screen we reported earlier […]

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Caved and Got a PS3

Ok so I caved-in and got a PS3. The reasons I caved are as follows: I am naturally weak-willed in the face of shiny objects. I wanted to play: Bully God of War God of War II The revised version of the PS3 in May will not include the PS2 internals to help lower production […]

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Dead Rising Review

I know what you are thinking… it’s impossible to go wrong with a game that has something like THAT in it… well you are mostly right, but a lot of people think you are wrong. Let’s have a look… Dead Rising is Capcom’s mall-horror-survival game that came out soon after the XBox 360 came out. […]

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DirecTV Forced to Stop Claiming Higher Quality Signal

Finally, a success for the little guy. The fact that a judge had to step in and force them to stop gives you an idea of how awesome this company is.

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl

Getting GCalSync Working on T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl

Update #1: I notice that a lot of folks are visiting this page, especially from the GCalSync Google Group, and wanted to let you guys know that Google has added official Google Calendar/BlackBerry Calendar syncing support by way of their Sync mobile application for BlackBerry. You can read more about it here. Ok so I […]

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Samsung T509 Sync Support

Bah! So I got the Samsung T509 for my wife because it has Bluetooth support and I recently created a monster contact-list in my PDA that I wanted to transfer portions of over to her phone once she got it so she would be ready to rock and roll. As it turns out, the Bluetooth […]

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What Software Programs Slow Down Your PC The Most?

Very cool article by thepcspy. The site is getting hammered right now, so check out the Google Cache of the results page. Also in the comments section of Digg folks posted their favorite utilities for cleaning garbage off your computer, it’s a great reference. Just for reference I duped the final results here, this is […]

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Casinos Stop Paying Out Jackpots: "It's a software glitch"

Let me get this straight… it’s fine for you to walk into a casino and gamble away your earnings because you are a consenting adult. The casinos have NO responsibility to warn you or tell you about machines that have “software glitches” or put a disclaimer anywhere stating that there is a X% chance that […]

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Verizon FiOS Internet Service

So I was sitting here thinking that if there was a god in heaven, I would have FiOS service available in my area… but I have no such luck at the moment. Todd Swarthout did send me an interesting resource however, it’s a Google Maps of FiOS service areas from DSLReports, very handy to see […]

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New Super Battery in the Works (This Year)

The company is called EEStore and they are being incredibly tight-lipped about their new battery technology that they are going to roll out this year into some hybrid vehicles and eventually down into consumer electronics (my guess in the next 2 years), for a quick summary of the battery tech: The company boldly claims that […]

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Stuff on My Cat

Oh god, not another site where you can’t stop browsing the pictures for hours the first time you run across it… but it’s hilarious so I can’t stop: Update #1: Ok just save yourself the time and look at the Best of 2005, example:

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Chinese Proverb: The Internet is a Series of Tubes

So we all know where that quote comes from. I was chatting with Todd Swarthout today about some of his upgrading woes that happened recently. Fortunately the light at the end of the tunnel was that after calling his ISP, it seems they doubled his download speed for +$5/mo, not too shabby. Then he threw […]

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Apple Gets the Anti-Monopoly Microsoft Treatment

Looks like Apple is getting the Microsoft-treatment from Germany, France and likely more. I’m actually happy to see this for two reasons: It is incredibly frustrating that using an iPod requires iTunes. On Linux? Tough luck. I think it’s fair that a company that completely dominates a market needs to play by some different rules […]

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Super Mr. Friendly the Cat

Everyone, meet Super Mr. Friendly the Cat:

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This is hilarious AND scary… Wonderland has the poop:

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