P2P Identification Algorithm Revealed

TorrentFreak got their hands on leaked docs recently that explain how the MPAA/RIAA are identifying users on P2P networks and figuring out who to send Cease and Desist letters to. The algorithm reads as follows:  The client connects to the P2P network, searches for sources of the infringing file, and collects the IP addresses that […]

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MS Requires Vista on Mac (Virtual) Requires $299+

   Slashdot reports that apparently Microsoft is requiring that if you want to install Vista on your Mac, running under virtualization, you must use at least the $299 Business version of Vista or higher. Microsoft justified the required by referring to “security issues with virtualization”. Is anyone else noticing that companies are starting to throw […]

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Wii: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is a "Rails" Gun Game

The GameSpot crew got some time to play the new Resident Evil on the Wii, and what they found out is that it’s a “on rails” (meaning you don’t control movement, like from the old Sega arcade-shooter games and you progress by killing baddies but the camera will swing you towards the action and make […]

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PS3 Lair Gameplay Video

Lair is turning out to look like one heck of an exclusive, check it out: And some more here:

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Japan Landslide Caught on Tape

This is incredible… watch how serene and quiet everything is… then suddenly half the scenery in the distance slides of the map… incredible:

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Enable HD-Mode in God of War II

Kotaku reports that the shitty Isle of Rhodes website that the GoW team put up that counted down and eventually just showed us behind-the-scenes footage of making the first level of GoW II actually had a hidden secret that the folks at GameFAQs figured out. Turns out that if you spell out Kratos’s name on […]

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Samsung Announces HD-DVD/Blu-ray Player

It’s official, Samsung has announced a dual-format HD media player: BD-UP5000. This looks to be the first real dual-format player as the LG dual-format player was a Blu-ray player with HD-DVD play-only support tacked on, and didn’t support the true HD-DVD specification; which, like the Blu-ray spec, defines additional technologies like the HDi interactive language, […]

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Next Ubuntu Release: Gutsy Gibbon

Tectonic reports that the next release of Ubuntu, due out in 10/07 (October) will be called Gutsy Gibbon. In addition to the name, Ubuntu is planning an “Ultra Free Edition”… my guess is to combat the outcry about proprietary drivers and codecs and will be releasing a fully GPL/Opensource compliant version of Ubuntu for folks […]

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Guitar Hero 360 Screws It's Fans

First no online play, then bad controllers. Now download packs are out, 3 songs a pack. The catch? They’re 500 points. It’s hard to believe, but go look yourself. That equals $2.08 US a song! To download the same number of tracks that are present in GH II it would cost 153.92, with no game […]

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Circuit City to Gamers: Dance Idiots!

Earlier this week Circuit City ran a circular with a garuntee on it that if Super Paper Mario wasn’t in stock and available to them by 2:30pm on release date when they came to pick it up, they would get a $20 gift card. That is how the ad was worded. Little did anyone know, […]

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Microsoft Zune 2.0 Details Leaked

Gizmodo had the poop on the Zune 2.0 details leaked to them by a Microsoft employee apparently. Overall the list looks par-for-the-course for Microsoft, the “3.0 company”: Zune 2.0 and the Flash Zune will be out this year. Zune 2.0 is like Gen 1 but thinner. Larger HDD, same doubleshot finish. Flash Zune is 3 […]

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Grand Canyon Skywalk Is a Complete Ripoff

The first time I saw this announced in the AZ Republic (being an Arizonian myself) I was excited to go see it, until I saw in the same article that admission is $75-per-person. I figured it had to be a misprint… I didn’t want to buy the Skywalk, I just wanted to walk out onto […]

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Halo 3 Demo Coming May 16 – June 7

It looks like a Halo 3 Demo will be gracing XBox Live starting May 16th and last just shy of a month. Not too shabby. The demo will be multiplayer only but feature many of the weapons and vehicles.

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Netflix Throttling: 1 Month and Counting

Well I’ve been waiting for Casino Royale now in BluRay format from Netflix for 1 month and counting (closer to 1 month and 1 week). At one point the movie was marked Available NOW shortly after I added it, but that same day I returned 6 movies, so it was immediately changed back to Very […]

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XBox 360 Spring Update

Looks like the Spring update will be bringing the new IM support that we talked about here along with the keyboard attachment. Then of course there are the improved codec playback support that ties directly into the “using the XBox 360 as a media device” post we did. In short, as summarized by Chris Hunkele: […]

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