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Firefox Tweaking Tips

Ran across this blog entry with 15 tips to tweaking Firefox. Most of them I think you may know, but the more hardcore tweaking ones I liked were: Type “about:configâ€? into the address bar and hit return. Type “network.httpâ€? in the filter field, and change the following settings (double-click on them to change them): Set […]

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Pioneer 1080p HDTV

New Pioneer HDTV Lineup

Robert Heron sent along the scoop. You might have been seeing this announcement on other sites, but here are the models, dates and prices (Hint: Go sell your car): New Pioneer goodness announced today: Pioneer  PDP-4280HD  42 inch  XGA  June  $2,700 Pioneer  PDP-5080HD  50 inch  XGA  June  $3,500 Pioneer  PDP-5010FD  50 inch  1080p  September  […]

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uTorrent’s Vista Sidebar Gadget

Slick, looks like there is a Vista Sidebar Gadget for uTorrent, check it out:

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Eclipse Help Documentation Gotchas

If any of you are working with Eclipse plugins or just starting, here is a gotcha that I ran into that had me completely stumped for a good hour or so. The Eclipse help system enforces “Best practices”. Keep that in the back of your head as you work on extensions to and wonder […]

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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Co-Op?

  Kotaku reports that there are rumors the new RE: UC may include co-op. Kotaku says “nay” to the rumor of the co-op, and I would normally agree except the game has already been shown to be a “rails” game… meaning you don’t control movement. So I see no reason you couldn’t have a co-op […]

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Business Card Second Hand

Creative Business Cards

Grant Gochnauer on a roll today with the interesting emails sends along a link to cool business card designs. Here are some examples:

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9 Attitudes of Creative People

Grant Gochnauer sent this link along to an article written about “9 Attitudes of Highly Creative People“. I think I could probably improve in all of these categories except for the “likes to eat sweets” category… oh wait, that’s not a category. Interestingly enough, even though I read the title twice, I was still interpreting […]

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Comcast Demos 150 MB/sec Internet Service

The Inquirer has a piece covering the new 150 MB/sec cable internet service that Comcast plans to roll out “in a couple of years” to compete with Verizon’s FIOS service.  It apparently works by combining multiple cable lines and streaming the signals together. What I never understood with technologies like these is how they scale. […]

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CellFactor Revolution: Free Physics Game

This was the game that Ageia put together to demonstrate their PhysX physics hardware-accelerator card. They have made it freely available for download and play (~800mb). You can grab the High-Def video of the game as well Nice, Kotaku with the inlined video FTW.

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CSS Buttons

Making Sexy CSS Buttons

This is a cool tip on how to make sexy CSS buttons. Just a quick heads up, the buttons are images, but the way they are sliced up is smart. It’s one super long image that is culled to the right length, then the right-hand end is popped onto the right edge like the top […]

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Limitations on XBox 360

It seems that Rockstar has opened up to CVG about limitations the XBox 360 version of GTA4 is having to conquer. Namely the potential lack of a hard drive as well as sticking the entire game in a DVD. Where as the PS3 brings to the table *at least* a 20GB hard drive and a […]

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Photography Tip: Slow Sync Flash

This is a very cool tip called “Slow Sync Flash” that gives you the benefits of both a flash firing (too illuminate your subject), and a slow shutter speed (to collect ambient light so your backgrounds aren’t pitch-black). An example shot by Johnny Blood:

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AT&T Charges Up to 8 Minutes for 1 Minute Call

The Consumerist is reporting that AT&T’s prepaid-calling-cards are actually over-charging you in some states for every minute you talk, for up to 8 minutes per minute. AT&T claims it’s due to regulatory charges that they need to over charge, but the FCC has clarified that in no way are the cards regulated. This just boils […]

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Slides at Work

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time, check the link for more shots. Examples:

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Dell Preloading Ubuntu

Ubuntu to Work with Intel on Embedded / Low Power Devices

OSNews pointed me over to this announcement on the Ubuntu mailing list, and it looks like Ubuntu will be working to get a low-power/embedded version of Ubuntu on some new Intel platforms. When you combine that announcement with the Dell announcement, the light at the end of the tunnel of Hardware on Linux issue is […]

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Bill Gates Borg

Bill Gates's Bully Management Style

Saw this writeup on Slashdot, is anyone surprised that THIS is his management style, and the end result is Vista? I have to say that as soon as I used Vista and saw what 5 years of work had wrought, I freaking called it. You don’t need a degree in Asshole to know that type […]

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