Media Temple – Problem #2

Ok the site was just down again for a few hours with exactly the same problem I reported before… In a fit of rage a friend of mine pointed me to this blog post from the (mt) team explaining why the MySQL outtages occur so often (abusive users). It sounds like when you become abusive […]

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Media Temple – Problem #1

Ok I’m going to start recording these issues to keep a running tally. I moved to Media Template 2 days ago, and today was my first complete DB outtage this morning. Getting an “Error 12″ from MySQL, which ends up translating (according to Google and MySQL Support Forums) to MySQL running out of memory. Even […]

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Turok PC Original

Turok Revived

I don’t know how many of you played the original Turok: Do you remember the first time you fired off the nuclear weapon? That was probably the coolest thing I had ever seen in a game. When you consider what came before it was Doom, being able to detonate a nuke and see the rush […]

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Break it Down Blog Upgrades

Some of you may have run into some hickups accessing the site over the last day or so, sorry about that. I moved my hosting off of GoDaddy and onto Media Temple on their Grid Server Plan which is absolutely phenomenal so far. I got fed up with GoDaddy for a few reasons: The management […]

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Apple Confirms Backlit LED Screens In 2007

Looks like the next refresh of Apple products (like laptops first?) will see LED Backlit screens… this is hot.

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Toshiba Considers Linux Preinstalls Like Dell

Interesting, looks like Toshiba-Italy is consider Linux preinstalls to follow Dell’s path.

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Dell Preloading Ubuntu Official

Dell + Ubuntu == Official

Nice, it looks like it’s official now.

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Halo 3 Screenshots Analyzed

VE3D posted some screenshots from the new Halo 3 media blitz and I took a look… and had a series of reactions to them. Before you continue, ask yourself: “Did I love Halo 2?”, and the answer should be “No”. Did you think Halo 2 should win any graphics awards? Gameplay awards? Level design awards? […]

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Mitsubishi WD-65831 "Air Flow" Problem

Readers of the blog first started reporting the problem in this thread. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but now I’m on the 4th day of my TV turning itself off because of “Air Flow”. Following my First Incident with getting a replacement and now this White Blooming issue going on […]

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Don't Piss Off the Digg Community

Good lord… to make a long story short, here is what happened: Someone cracked the master HD-DVD encryption key that is used to encode all HD-DVD movies. The key is something like a 16 digit number Someone posted it, got an take down notice from the AACS, but the only problem was in the take […]

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Dell to Start Offering Ubuntu Linux (7.04)

Slashdot and just about everywhere else is pointing to the official announcement that Dell will start offering Ubuntu (7.04) as a pre-install OS option later this May on some of it’s lower end PC models; to test the waters. I’m hugely excited for what this means for Linux, mainly from the aspect of hardware support. […]

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Are Professional Landscapers Worth It?

This work was done by Cutler Landscaping here in Tucson, took about a month. Worth every penny. Before After

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Mitsubishi WD-65831 White Bloom

Uh oh. A poster here named Andy pointed me to a thread over on AVS where some Mitsubishi WD-XX732/831 owners are reporting “white bleed” or “blooming” problems with the Mits light engine. Some of the users have replaced their light engines multiple times already and our friend Andy already had his replaced once before and […]

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Gears of War Movie Treatment Summary

Kotaku pointed me in the direction of Latino Review’s 22 page summary of the Gears of War movie script it looks like. Does anyone else agree with GameSpot’s Brian Ekberg that Batista should play Marcus Fenix? I totally agree: Update #1: I can’t believe I never posted a comparison shot of Fenix so you could […]

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Mitsubishi WD-65831 Personal Tweaks

I’ve been tweaking my WD-65831 for about an hour and I think I’ve come up with a configuration that looks really good to me, no garuntees that you will like it. In fact it’s quite a bit different than some of the other one’s I’ve seen people post. Disclaimer: I always thought the defaults that […]

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Addictive Flash Zombie Game

Kotaku pointed me to another great time-waster, Click here or the image to try it out: The Last Stand

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