IBM, Intel, HP + Community Form 'Linux Foundation'

Interesting… it looks like the big commercial Linux folks are getting together and forming the Linux Foundation, not unlike what happened with IBM and the Eclipse Foundation. It will be nice to see more competition on this front for everyone.

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Netflix Throttling

So we’ve been customers of Netflix for a while now and always liked the service. In fact, we bumped our plan from the 3-at-a-time to the 5-at-a-time just because we were consistently not having movies for the weekend and were getting angry about it. Now after having the 5-at-a-time for a little over a year [...]

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Who Will Win the HD Media Wars?

HD-DVD or BluRay? I have no idea. But ‘zzap64‘ over on AVS has an awesomely detailed analysis of the current situation including all announced movies for both formats and declares BluRay the winner. Check out a snippet: Blu-ray has 72 movies scheduled to be released with 60 of those being exclusive HD DVD has 24 [...]

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Google Switch (iPhone-like Device)

Engadget has the scoop as usual… the idea being that we are all skeptical at this point and are assuming this is a photoshoped hoax, but if it’s not… that’s a slick device! Lemmings HO! They also mention that the device has GPS built in (for Google Maps) and also streams apps, contacts, information, etc. [...]

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Flash Player 9 for Linux Arrives

I completely blanked on covering this yesterday. It seems that Adobe came through and released Flash 9 for Linux which has apparently been quite an undertaking for about a team of 3 or 4 guys internally for the last year to do. We appreciate it Adobe! Here is a tutorial on how to install it [...]

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Applied Geometry: Costco Shopping Carts

How long does something like this even TAKE to put together? It’s not just a circle, but a damn nice looking one too:

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Wii Sports: Golf, Strange Congratulations for Hole-In-One

This is apparently the German version of Wii Sports: Golf, but still… what does “Ass” mean in German? Update #1: I’ve been spelling “Congratulations” wrong for about 6 years now… I need to get smarter…

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Nokia Aeon: iPhone Sexiness With RAZR-ish Form Factor

Techfresh has the scoop on this story. It looks like Nokia unveiled a concept phone called the “Aeon” recently, but have a look at this beauty: The key thing to recognize in the screenshots above is in the green version of the phone, notice how you have a “keypad” on the bottom then on the [...]

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Best Buy Scams More Customers

In my years reading AVS I have seen time and time and time again the basic theme of “Best Buy screwed me…” reiterated throughout the posts. Wether it’s a service call that they won’t honor, or a warranty (most popular), or a unit replacement or anything else, this store runs on the corporate policy of [...]

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MySQL Windows Binaries No Longer Free

Interesting. It seems the MySQL group is continuing to shrink the binaries they provide for platforms, now Windows, with the excuse of “Hey, it’s open source, go build your own binary”. I think this will give a much-deserved shot in the arm to the PostgreSQL folks for the hell of a Oracle-clone database they have [...]

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Netflix Starts Internet Rentals This Week

I guess the rollout will take a few months (250k per month up to their 6 million subscribers… that’s it?), but it looks like renting online at Netflix will start this week. The way it works is depending on your account level, you get a certain number of hours of content you can rent, you [...]

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Apple iPhone Does Not Support Java

Well this sucks, apparently Jobs doesn’t think much of Java: Java’s not worth building in [to the phone]. Nobody uses Java anymore. It’s this big heavyweight ball and chain. That’s unfortunate to hear, especially with Java becoming such a ubiquitous language for a lot of software, some really good on the Mac. If he doesn’t [...]

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Infrant ReadyNAS NV+

Building a Network Attached Storage Device for (XBox 360) Media Streaming

So my current personal project is to build a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. In the most vanilla sense, the purpose of a NAS is to be a little headless (no video card or monitor) network connected device that has a custom operating system on it usually and just holds a ton of hard drives [...]

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Futurama Anime Style

Matt Groening Funds DeviantArt Artist to Develop Anime Comic Series

This is pretty dang slick. Groening did a mockup of the Simpsons and Futurama crew using an anime style: and Bongo Comics has hired Goening to work on a series of comic books using the style. Also 20th Century Fox has contacted Groening for more work on the Futurama series as well, slick! Update #1: [...]

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1080i versus 1080p, Debate Rages On

Engadget HD has an interesting piece linking to a fellow doing a writeup about the differences of 1080i and 1080p and why P is important. To recap, all of our HDTV sets are either 720p or 1080p, meaning that is the image they display. Any signal fed to them that isn’t in that format is [...]

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LG BH100

No HD Dual-Format Player Yet, LG Cannot Sell BH100

So all the folks pumped to see the LG BH100 at CES this year are in for a big disappointment, but first some back-story: At CES, folks looking at the LG booth viewing the BH100 might have noticed right off the bat that the HD-DVD logo on the player is not the official HD-DVD logo. [...]

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