P2P Identification Algorithm Revealed

TorrentFreak got their hands on leaked docs recently that explain how the MPAA/RIAA are identifying users on P2P networks and figuring out who to send Cease and Desist letters to. The algorithm reads as follows:

  1.  The client connects to the P2P network, searches for sources of the infringing file, and collects the IP addresses that were gathered through the search.
  2. The client requests to download (a piece of) the file from the host that was found through the search.
  3. The filename, file size, IP-address, P2P protocol, P2P application, time, and the username are automatically inserted into a database, if the host permits the download.
  4. This is the “best” part. The application does a WHOIS search for the ISP information and automatically sends an infringement letter to the ISP if needed.

Folks in IT might acknowledge the inherent problem here of assuming “IP Address == Real Life Person“. Naturally MPAA/RIAA and their Washington lobby don’t give two shits, but the law might.

TorrentFreaks also reports that a few recent cases are showing that this isn’t enough evidence anymore (thank god).

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