'Lich King' Content to Come Early

Over at the official World of Warcraft forums,  Blizzard has announced that in the next few weeks a patch will be released containing some of the content annouced for the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Some of the big features in this update include Barbershops in capital cities, New class spells and talents and for those of you that own Burning Crusade, the new profession called Inscription.

Frankly, I’m very excited for this new update. I am however curious to see what will launch with the expansion if all of this stuff is going to be in a free patch. I understand that the expansion will have all of the new areas and bosses to fight, but Blizzard expansions are normally stuffed with tons of new stuff that go’s deeper then just new areas.

For more information on this update, you should head on over here.

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