Incredible Diagram of the Sizes of our Planets, Galaxy and Galaxies Beyond

To look at this and deny life beyond our planet is cause for concern… you might have had head injuries, I’m not sure.

Looking through our planets that we know the best (orbiting the sun) is interesting, especially when you get to the size of the outer planets. Then going beyond that and looking at some of these incredibly large planets in our galaxy that we’ve never heard of sort of rocks my world, then looking beyond our galaxy and finding 10 billion more galaxies, all with like 1 million planets each in them that are all 13 billion light years away… well that goes beyond comprehension. That goes into the realm of “I just don’t get it… I don’t know how to think about this because nothing in my life is that infinitely large…”

It’s incredible, beautiful and amazing. Enjoy!

(Click to enlarge – you might have to click again to Zoom)

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