imgscalr 3.2 Released

Some good news for folks using imgscalr (a Java image-scaling library), version 3.2 was released today and brings with it support for rotation, a new AsyncScalr class used for support both asynchronous scaling support as well as scale-operation throttling in high-performance systems (e.g. web application) where 100s of scaling operations firing off in parallel would bog the system down and possible cause OutOfMemoryExceptions.

All the Javadoc in the imgscalr class was rewritten to correct from long-standing copy-n-paste mistakes in addition to quite a bit more clarification added to both the Scalr and AsyncScalr classes to help users understand the library faster and how the internals work without digging through code.

As always the latest release is available for download or through our Maven repo.

For those of you using the library and curious about the future of EXIF support in general, I have been researching the topic and trying out different libraries/approaches to the problem for about a month and think I have settled on a robust approach that I’ll talk more about for 4.0 when it is released.

Happy coding!

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