Guatemalan Sinkhole is Worse Than Expected

More about the horrifying Guatemalan sinkhole that opened up in the center of the city earlier this week: Sam Bonis, an expert on Guatemalan geology thinks it is a sign of more things to come.

Speaking to Discovery News, Bonis said:

“Sure, it looks a lot like a sinkhole,” geologist Sam Bonis told Discovery News from his home in Guatemala. “And a whale looks a lot like a fish, but calling it one would be very misleading.”

Bonis refers to the sinkhole more accurately as  a “piping feature” and points out that the majority of Guatemala is built on a foundation of “pumice fill”; a wholly porous mix of volcanic ash and gravel.

Back in 2007 there was another sinkhole that opened up in the city of more than 3 million when a water main broke, cutting away at the sub-surface foundation as the water ran out. Bonis warns that these events will continue to happen as long huge amounts of water are brought to bear on Guatemala like Agatha has done this year.

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