Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Video

Sneak-peak video that not only shows of some new maps that will be in Gears of War 2, but also shows off some new execution moves that are available.

Gameplay Video Highlights

  • More Executions (Jump to 6:30 in movie)
    • Chainsaw through the back
    • Baseball-bat head crush using butt of gun
    • Roll Over head crush
    • Torque bow head rip-off
    • Meat Shield neck-snap
  • Capture the “Flag” – The “Flag” is actually an enemy character you use as a meat sheild and walk back to other side of level after you down them.
  • 5 on 5 – Player limit raised
  • New Weapon – “The Scorcher”, flame thrower. “The Gorgon”, burst pistol. Shield. Poison Grenade (Gas grenade).
  • Grenade Tag Environment – To create traps

8-Min Multiplayer Gameplay Video

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