Finding More Hornworms by the Day (Time for Wormicide!)

As is typcial for any decent tech blog, we started touching on gardening tips, like finding Hornworms on your Tomato plants.

To give you a quick update on this situation, one that I’m sure you were riveted to, we continue to find bigger and bigger shitfuckers hornworms on our tomato plants. Signs that you want to look for are their little cocoons that form inside the curled up leaves like so:

and if you look closely you can see the little bastards right inside. If you leave them along long enough they eventually grow the “horn” that makes them look like a tomato blossum and start roaming around your plants, kicking their asses.

These are all actual pictures from our tomato plants unfortunately and it looks like daily hunting for these things just isn’t going to give the plant enough of a break to be able to product good-sized/healthy fruit without them destroying the plant, new growth, or fruit right away.

Fortunately in our last post about hornworms and tomatos, user tdod pointed out that you can make use of Insecticidal Soap like that from Garden Safe which is environmentally friendly. If you want to blanket your yard with chemical death you can take a look at Sevin Insecticide introduced by Bayer CropScience in the 1950s.

No, I’m not associated with either of those products, nor have I tried them… if you have other suggestions that would work for killing these stupid things, I’m all ears. All I know is that once they started hatching (a few months after the plants got mature) our tomato production went from “awesome” to “rediculously nonexistent” as the plant contended with damage and new growth instead of tomatoes.

Hope this helps someone else out there facing similar problems.

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  1. Bob Dabilda September 11, 2008 at 4:15 am #

    of course you could probably go old school with the nicotine infused water

  2. Editor September 11, 2008 at 8:43 am #

    Bob I didn’t realize that was a legit treatment for this… I guess I could just buy a Lay-z-Boy and put it next to the plants and just smoke all day… I don’t know that my wife will like that much, I’ll just tell her “I’m doing it for you!”… I should probably get some cold beer out there too and maybe a big projection TV just incase… you know, gotta keep ontop of those hornworms 😉

  3. Anonymous May 3, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

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