Fable 2 GDC Walkthrough Summary

Fable 2 Title Screen

As a follow up to the super-Co-Op that Fable 2 will have in it, I watched the GDC walkthroughs and am here to summarize them for you:

NOTE: I am not clear from the walkthrough if the co-op is online or offline only. He talks a lot about the “camera” and how it manages to keep both players in view which seems to be an offline co-op concern. He was also flat-out asked about online co-op and dodged it.

  • Full co-op support
    • Join/Leave any time (like Burnout Paradise)
      • There is no level-matching limit to the game. A lvl 50 character could invite a lvl 1 character into his game if he wants.
    • Friend has a persistent presence in your world (money, rep, etc.)
    • Getting each other’s back in a fight, like tag-teaming someone pays off with more experience and bonuses
  • You can play as a woman
    • You can get married
    • You can get pregnant
    • You can have a baby
  • You can have a family (obviously)
    • You can give gifts to your family
    • You can abuse your family
      • EX: You can let your family starve, then walk into the house with a pie and eat it while they beg for some of it.
  • Your co-op partner can kill your family (husband, child, etc.)
    • There seems to be complete freedom with how you treat characters and NPCs
  • You can buy any property (house, shop, etc.) in the game
    • Molyneux specifically said you can buy every property in the world
  • You can buy any items you want to decorate your house in any way
  • World is completely free-romable (a la Oblivion)
  • Molyneux said “each players world will be very different”, not sure what this means.
  • You have to work to make money, you do not get money as “drops”
    • You can be a blacksmith or a henchmen
    • You can make money as a lackey in someone else’s co-op world.
  • Fable is a Fall 2008 Release

Looking pretty damn bad-ass… online co-op will be the difference between “Cool game” and “OMFGBBQ I need this game” for me.

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