The Gentlemen Radio Episode 37: Our Cruisers Can’t Repel Lens Flare of That Magnitude!


Solutions and generalizations gentlemenites, this week The Gentlemen tackle the news that J.J. Abrams will be helming the newest Star Wars installment. Mostly we feel it’s a good thing, but it might be fair to say we reserve our judgment… ha ha… yeah no, not on this podcast.

Next we move unto some discussion about ensemble Action movies, specifically with the advent of Gangster Squad and it joining the company of such fine films as Tombstone and Young Guns.

Finally, a round-table with an question/topic posed by Gentleman Josh that got a bit lost in translation. We look at the question a few ways and give you some insight into which actor/actresses we would watch no matter what and what movies we would watch regardless of the actor/actresses? I think.



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About Charles Lynch, Reviews Editor

Charles co-hosts The Gentlemen Radio (podcast on this site) with J. Patrick Ohlde, Jeffrey Stephenson and one other gentlemen. He is a beard and beer enthusiast, enjoys short walks in the mountains and video games. He has a degree in Business Management from the University of Arizona that he is doing absolutely nothing with. He is an actor, voice actor, sometimes animator, rarely a homebrewer and hosts a show on YouTube about beer culture (

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