E3 2013 Preview-Mad Max


Nooooo, not that one. THIS ONE. The one by the folks responsible for Just Cause 2…


Mad Max shares more in common with the upcoming movie Mad Max: Fury Road  then previous installments. While details on the story are few and far between, most claim that this is not a direct movie tie in. While that might be true the character model physically resembles Tom Hardy. This is going to be a modern day take on the Mad Max Mythos, with a massive open world, coming out on next gen consoles.

The main focus is going to be on vehicular combat, while driving on the proper side of the vehicle, with 50 authentic models of cars roaming around. The goal is the  customization your own war-machine, The Magnum Opus, the great thing about this that different components have different effects on the handling of your car. Say you add a heavy reinforced bumper for ramming, that is going to change the mass of the car and your handling so you will need to upgrade the engine and tires. All this customization if done with the help of your trusty sidekick mechanic Chumbucket. Points for you if you feel like checking out his name on urban dictionary. He is also helpful in a pinch, aiding you in shooting a bandit with a harpoon gun and completely destroying their vehicle. Another tactic is a classic police staple, the pit maneuver. In the demo we were shown, it was executed well and the physics of the crash work brilliantly. After the bad guys have crashed and burned don’t forget some friendly looting.


Not confirmed at the time,  but the goal of the game is to acquire the Pursuit Special aka the V8 Interceptor. Nothing against the new vehicle but the Pursuit Special is iconic for Mad Max, keeping it from him is like taking away Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber.


Besides combat of the vehicular variety, Mad Max has some down and dirty fighting and gun slinging as it should. Stealth is not the order of the day, brutal executions are the special menu item and Max is serving them up cold for days. Shotgun gun impales and a wee bit of hunting knife surgery keeps the action following.

Mad_max_videogame_-_hand_to_hand_combat (1)

This is one instance I am okay with updating a franchise, Mel is a bit older these days and would serve as a better crazy antagonist than protagonist for the movie franchise. Not confirmed at E3 but post is that the voice actor will be an Aussie, the aussolutely a necessary item that was oddly overlooked and I am glad the mistake has been corrected. Embrace change, let’s see the awesome Post Apocalyptic world live again it all it’s grotesque and brutal glory. Maybe we can even find out who run barter town. After as all Chairman Mao once pointed out…

barrel of a gun


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