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Minecraft is the brain-child of Markus “Notch” Persson of Mojang Specifications after having cut his teeth at his first open-world, build-anything game: Wurm Online.

Both games are written in Java and as a Java developer and general fan of the language, I become interested in Wurm Online years ago, after their first alpha announcement. I never “played” the game, but would log in every few weeks to see what was new with the game engine and how the world was progressing.

Apparently at some point during the creation of Wurm Online, Markus left the team and began work on his own open-world game: Minecraft.

I’ve only played around with Minecraft a few times, but the old-school, 8-bit charm and completely destructible (and constructible) environments and tools are certainly appealing. The game has become a runaway success in what I would have called a “niche” community of technically-oriented gamers, but at just under 1.35 million copies sold at $15 per copy for a small development team of 7 people, I don’t think you can call that “niche” anymore. More like Angry Birds 2.0.

What was the last iPad, XBL or PSN game you played that made $20 million? That’s $128 million krona for the Swedes reading… that’s right, I’ve read your Stieg Larsson!

Well it looks like Minecraft and Markus have left their mark on the gaming community and the documentary duo behind the first season of the Penny Arcade Series has flown out to Stockholm to do a documentary on Persson and the team behind Minecraft.

The 2 Player Productions team has put together a 20min “teaser” of the docu together to encourage people to help fund the $150k they need by March 26th to finish the production. The docu that is there is excellent so far and really interesting to see the development work going on behind Minecraft and the phenomenon that it has become.

You can donate to the 2PP production cause by heading over to KickStart. For those interested in the teaser, here you go:

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