Diablo III 20-min Gameplay Video

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Below is our summary of the highlights from the 20min movie if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, if you do just want to watch the movie, scroll to the bottom.

Gameplay Movie Highlights

  • First and Foremost a “cooperative game”! (AWESOME)
    • Matching and grouping over super-charged Battlenet.
  • Rated M, Gory (AWESOME)
    • The death scenes/effects of killing lots of creates is awesome from what I saw. Eviscerated enemies, exploding in showers of blood, etc.
  • Attack/Ability hot-bar, just like World of Warcraft.
    • You can swap skills using the Mouse Wheel or Tab
  • The game/environment is surprisingly physics-ey… you can even use the environment to kill enemies, like smashing a wall ontop of them.
  • Loot drops are a major part of the game and have real-time equip effects (e.g. put on a helmet, see it on your char)
  • Enchanted weapons
  • Health drops from enemies now that instantly heal, to lessen the reliance on using portions all the time
  • When loot drops it’s labeled and “Explodes” out of the container it’s from and you can decide what to pick up.
  • In-game dialog with NPCs has a “animated layover” presentation… meaning the background of the scene fades out and a panoramic box in the center shows you and the NPC you are talking with.
  • Dialog is all voiced
  • You can have NPCs join your party, path-finding and NPC intelligence seems decent/effective.
  • I didn’t see issues with Friendly Fire with regards to your party.
  • Dynamic Environments: In one scene you are crossing a rickity bridge and way in the shadows below you, you see a giant beast lumbering past. (AWESOME)
  • Boss fights! At 10:35 you walk into a lair where cultists blow apart some being and reassemble it as a giant/fat horror that you explode in a shower of blood when you kill it. (AWESOME)
    • At 17:00 they battle the big badass boss that you see crossing the bridge from insight the catacombs earlier.
  • Mini-boss Fights! At 15:35 you see the co-op party run into a hoard leader or a sort of mini-boss… also a badass tree/ent battle at 16:40.

20min Gameplay Video

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