Crysis 2 Screenshots – No More Jungles

VE got a dump of “in-game” Crysis 2 screenshots from the Crysis 2 team that are looking bee-a-u-tiful. As amazed as I was at the Jungle scenes in Crysis, Warhead, Far Cry and Far Cry 2 (different Engine) I was always wondering “what would happen if you took this insane graphic prowess and rendered urban areas?”

My wishes have been answers as it looks like the alien invasion in Crysis 2 has made it’s way into New York City and shit looks awesome.

The blurb about the screenshot (and me glancing at them seems to confirm) that these are all in-game shots, they aren’t post-processed doctored up marketing messes.

The buildings in the scenes look a little static, they don’t have that real-world charm that the Rockstar team pulled off in Grand Theft Auto IV – but I imagine running around with rockets and machine guns I won’t notice that much.

I will say that I fully expect these buildings to react at least a little bit to serious gun fire… if they are all static messes that don’t do anything except guide me down a path to the next boss fight, I’m going to be seriously disappointed and will unleash my wrath by complaining on the internet inside of Second Life… so that’s pretty serious.

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