CryENGINE Rendering Quality is Unmatched, but Maybe we Don’t Care

I am not trying to promote Crysis 2… I’ll wait for the reviews like everyone else. (I didn’t actually finish Crysis 1… as beautiful as the game is, I didn’t find it that fun and stopped half way through… twice; after the alien freezes everything).

Anyway, I do love seeing the cutting edge of video game tech as I think it drives most technologies in the computing space, and for the last 5 years it sure has seemed that Crytek is unmatched when it comes to photo-realistic rendering in games.

CLARIFICATION: As pretty as CryENGINE is and as much of an amazing feat it is, I never think graphics replaces gameplay.

I was trolling around for screenshots of Crysis 2 for our last Crysis post, and game across this one:

I had to actually stare at the picture for a while before I could find artifacts that would lead me to believe it was fake (pixelation in the reed’s leaves). Apparently the mod over at (chicken2) has a whole slew of ultra-mega-nature screenshots like these taken from Crysis 1 that are damn near photo-realistic.

Solely from a game-engine-technology point of view, I find it amazing that CryENGINE has been capable of rendering scenes this realistic for almost 4 years and we aren’t really making use of it anywhere besides the Crysis franchise.

Maybe there is something inherently difficult with using CryENGINE, who knows, I just know that the Unreal Engine seems to be the winner (holy shit that is a lot of licensees) right now as it gets licensed for everything from FPS to RPGs to mobile games.

Remember 10 years ago when you thought your brain would explode when games finally “looked like real life?“, I sure as shit do… playing on my 3Dfx Voodoo2, waiting for it to overheat and explode.

Well it looks like that is here, and apparently we don’t really care about it after all… I am sort of sad.

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4 Responses to CryENGINE Rendering Quality is Unmatched, but Maybe we Don’t Care

  1. Crysis 1 uses Cryengine 2 November 12, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

    That is not a Crysis 2 screenshot. That’s a Crysis 1 screenshot. It uses the Cryengine 2, which is the engine for Crysis 1. Crysis 2 uses the Cryengine 3, which is a downgrade.

  2. me June 22, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

    yes, cryengine is an amazing renderer. but everything else about it is not. just way too complicated and impossible to use. and it’s clearly streamlined for creating one thing and one thing only. crysis games. try doing anything else and u end up having to learn C++ and scratching your brain until it bleeds.. just getting rid of the crysis presets and achieving some sort of clean scene… that doesn’t launch the crysis interface and so on, is a huge pain. and you don’t want to have to create a UI for your game if you’re working in cryengine.. it’s insane.
    I didn’t really play a lot with it though, i just gasped in horror at how limited to fps-shooters-that-pretty-much-work-exactly-like-crysis it is.. and i moved to unreal and unity for further testing. none of them come anywhere close in terms of rendering capabilities and open-world creation to cryengine, but.. both are great engines in every other aspect. while cryengine.. the engine itself.. is a complete failure and a disaster for indie devs.


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