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Views From Phoenix Comic-Con Day 2

Apologies for the delay, we had some technics get in the way.  But please take a moment and peruse our vast collection of cosplayers from Day 2 of Phoenix Comic-Con!!!

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Views From Phoenix Comic-Con – Day 1

  This year at Comic-Con, we made it a point to try and capture the atmosphere of the event by taking a picture of just about everybody we saw that came in Cosplay.  I’d say we did a pretty good job, but surely missed hundreds of amazing cosplayers.  This year the most popular costumes were […]

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Jeffrey’s Perfectly On-Time Top Ten Films of 2013

While most people rush to get their top 10 lists out as soon as the year ends, perhaps even right before it ends, I like to do mine right around the time of the Academy Awards.  This allows me the time to not only see all of the films released late in the year, but […]

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Mob City S1:E2 *Possible Spoilers Hidden In My Rambling*

Yep.  I’m a week behind.  Deal. Here we are, back again for more of the new classic, Hat and Gun City.  We open with four guys in a sedan.  I’m pretty sure this show is set in LA, but everyone has a non-specific east coast mobster accent. Bugsy Siegel just started punching people in the […]

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1940s oleo

Mob City (TNT) S1:E1 *Probably Spoilers*

I’ve decided to jump in the fray with doing my own write-along, so let’s get to it, shall we? Straight out the gate, if we are to learn anything about organized crime, it’s that you never trust three guys with violin cases in a dark alley, even if those cases actually carry violins.  This is […]

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The Walking Dead (AMC) S4:E3 *SPOILERS*

Apologies that this wasn’t posted last night, but I was out late with the Gentlemen recording a new podcast and didn’t have a chance to finish the recap until after work today.  So if you already saw Marilyn Manson’s insane drug-fueled ramblings about what the episode meant on The Talking Dead, I forgive you if […]

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Dick Hallorann's apartment

Katie’s Awesome List Of Halloween-esque Movies!!

It’s Halloween and I have been invited to throw my two cents into the coin bag of Halloween moviedom.  Before I list my particular favorites, however, I want to really make it clear that the way I review movies is totally subjective and not at all measured with any kind of fairness metric except just […]

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) S1:E4 *SPOILERS*

Good evening, folks! With Charles otherwise engaged this evening you are stuck with me for the play by play this week. We start in Sweden. About a dozen very well dressed men in red kubuki masks. This is apparently perfectly normal in Sweden as nobody is even remotely alarmed by this. Seriously, Sweden? And now […]

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The East Movie Review

  A gripping ideological thriller, Brit Marling again teams up with Zal Batmanglij to deliver one of the best films in the first half of 2013. Marling stars here as Jane, a former FBI agent who has been hired by a firm to investigate an eco-terrorist cell known as The East that targets corporations that […]

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Injustice Gods Among Us (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [9.5 out of 10] After a terrific Mortal Kombat revival, NetherRealm has turned its sights on the DC Universe with Injustice Gods Among Us and it is amazing. Featuring a robust and engaging story mode as well as a full suite of other modes and unlockables that will keep you coming back for more […]

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E3 2012 Preview-Dishonored

  The nature of gaming being what it is, a lot of the things you see at E3 are sequels to something or are adaptations of a movie or book property. Look at the list of games that we covered and this becomes very apparent. Given this, when you come across a new IP that […]

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Introducing “QN” or “Quick News”

I would like to introduce a new feature to the site: Quick News, or more specifically stories prefixed with “QN”. In WordPress terminology, this will be any story tagged with the “Quick News” tag. There are frequently stories that we want to cover to make you guys aware of that we don’t, because the story […]

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Does Anyone Else Notice…

The freakish resemblance between KC of the Sunshine Band and Anna Paquin?

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Random Assortment of Emotional Detritus

Indeed, it must. I almost feel badly about starting my spew with another lame yarn of retail woe, but if we don’t teach these bitches how NOT to be pains-in-the-ass, they will never learn, right?  Of course, by “these bitches,” I mean, “anyone who shops in the store in which I work.”  There may be […]

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God Bless the Presbyterians


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Bullies Suck. Let's Hate Them.

I have been thinking an awful lot about bullies and the general process of bullying, lately.  They’re everywhere, really.  They are the ones cutting you off in traffic and then giving you the finger.  They are the ones that cut in front of you in line at the grocery store and act like they didn’t […]

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Thus Concludes Another Year…

And I have absolutely nothing to write about.   I have no lists to compile, I have no great sense of accomplishment or closure, I am just going to wake up tomorrow and it will be January, 2010. Why this overwhelming sense of ennui?  I have no idea.  Maybe it’s because of all the drama in […]

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Well, Do They?

I mean, it’s been 25 years for crissakes. 25 years.  Man.  It seems like only yesterday I was watching MTV with baited breath for the world premiere video.  I mean, Duran Duran was there.  Where else was I supposed to be that was more important than the possibility of catching a glimpse of John Taylor […]

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The Annual Holiday Letter!

You know what I LOVE about Christmas time?  The annual “this is how my family is doing” updates that people seem to feel compelled to share at the holidays.  I suppose I can understand the idea behind it, but the logic tangles when I liken it to a company’s annual report.  You get them, you […]

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New Site Redesign Launched!

Well it’s been years but we finally made the move to a new site design, we hope you like it. Here’s a quick breakdown of the goodies available now with the new layout: Besides the improved look we also rolled out optimizations across the site design itself so it should load much faster for most […]

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Moving Blog!

Please bear with us while we move our hosting from MediaTemple to RimuHosting. The pictures to the blog may be offline for about a day but then come back online later. Also we are aware of the rendering issues with IE, have no idea why they are occurring (site looks fine in Firefox, Opera, Safari, […]

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Break it Down Blog Upgrades

Some of you may have run into some hickups accessing the site over the last day or so, sorry about that. I moved my hosting off of GoDaddy and onto Media Temple on their Grid Server Plan which is absolutely phenomenal so far. I got fed up with GoDaddy for a few reasons: The management […]

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New Theme

Ok so Breakitdownblog got a new theme thanks to N.Design Studio. Hopefully it makes things a bit easier on the eyes for all of us.

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