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Introducing “QN” or “Quick News”

I would like to introduce a new feature to the site: Quick News, or more specifically stories prefixed with “QN”. In WordPress terminology, this will be any story tagged with the “Quick News” tag. There are frequently stories that we want to cover to make you guys aware of that we don’t, because the story […]

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New Site Redesign Launched!

Well it’s been years but we finally made the move to a new site design, we hope you like it. Here’s a quick breakdown of the goodies available now with the new layout: Besides the improved look we also rolled out optimizations across the site design itself so it should load much faster for most […]

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Moving Blog!

Please bear with us while we move our hosting from MediaTemple to RimuHosting. The pictures to the blog may be offline for about a day but then come back online later. Also we are aware of the rendering issues with IE, have no idea why they are occurring (site looks fine in Firefox, Opera, Safari, […]

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Media Template Backup Done

Break it Down Blog Upgrades

Some of you may have run into some hickups accessing the site over the last day or so, sorry about that. I moved my hosting off of GoDaddy and onto Media Temple on their Grid Server Plan which is absolutely phenomenal so far. I got fed up with GoDaddy for a few reasons: The management […]

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