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Apple Takes a Bite Out of Time

Clever, no? Not really but I’ve had a few beers and that sounds clever enough. Let’s get to the unboxing:   Smells like Tennessee, because it is fresh from Mount Juliet, TN. Land of Jack Daniels that cannot be drank at the factory where it is produced. I wonder if Apple would let you eat […]

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Reposted from (here) I’m not wholly impressed with 3D technology, and I haven’t ever been. Not when they tried it the first time, and not every time they’ve tried it since. It’s a gimmick, a piece of slightly stale candy that gets thrown out at the public every so often to make people think […]

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PS Vita – Initial Review

Reposted from (here) I talk a lot about Xbox, and I’ve spoken briefly about the Wii, and there’s some chatter about the DS, but I haven’t put hands on a Sony instrument for gaming since the PS2. This was a thing that apparently needed to be corrected, as a supporter and now-sponsor of this […]

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Hands on with the OUYA

Hands on with the OUYA The OUYA (see Macho Man) is an Android powered game console that is about to join the fray. The system is small, compact and does not quite pack the punch of the current gen consoles. However, that is the not the point of this device. Size comparison to a beer […]

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E3 Day Three Summary

Today was a bittersweet day, after slogging along through all the weariness we reached the end of our journey. Basically this is how we felt. It was an amazing journey and we closed out the show with a viewing of Batman: Arkham Origins and appointments with Activision | Blizzard and Sega. Patrick caught some game time […]

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Pre E3 Conferences (Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Sony)

Here we are with the day-before E3 festivities in which the biggest developers in the business hold their media briefings in the hope to sway some favor in their direction. We went to a couple of them in person and had to muddle through the other two on poorly streamed feeds thanks to terrible internet […]

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PS4 Announcement After Thoughts

On Wednesday, February 20th 2013 Sony had their big announcement of the upcoming Playstation 4. Patrick and I both watched the the livestream so we decided to share some of our thoughts with you. The System   So in a similar vein to the PS3 the PS4 will be something of a PC with a 32bit […]

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Superior Hosting is all about Support and Hardware Quality

If you’ve read this site for any length of time, you have probably noticed that I write about my host (RimuHosting) about once a year. If you have spent any time researching hosting providers online, you have likely run across comments about Rimu along the lines of “The support is amazing!” and you think to […]

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Customize your mechanical keyboard at

This post is reserved for the true nerds out there.  If you don’t have your suspenders on and your pocket protector in place, move along – nothing to see here. Most of us with office jobs spend a good portion of the day clacking away on a keyboard.  Perhaps the “chiclets” of a laptop, or […]

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Detailed Look at the Brilliantly Simple CouchDB File Format

I’ve been researching CouchDB’s file format for the last week along side a few other efforts to understand resilient storage that is optimized for SSD or flash-based performance metrics. As it turns out, log-based file formats (and file systems) are optimal when working with flash memory like SSDs. CouchDB uses an append-only, copy-on-write approach to […]

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How to Unlock an AMD Radeon HD 6950 to an 6970 Easily

I purchased an XFX Radeon HD 6950 (2GB) video card a few months ago in preparation for all the triple-a titles that have come out in the last year; while I miss the PhysX support for the occasional game that supports it, I’ve been mostly happy. Shortly after the dual-launch of both the 6950 and […]

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Steam Cannot Connect to Internet for Qwest DSL User: Steam.exe exception and Hung Updating

If you are a Qwest DSL subscriber using one of the Actiontec Q1000 models and in the last few days (around 11/11/11) you noticed that when you run Steam, it just hangs during Updating… and after a minute or so of waiting it pops up with a cryptic “Steam.exe (main exception): .. connect to the Internet“, even […]

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The Growing Divide in Ubuntu – Apple’s Methods meets Linux Community

This article is my opinion. Mark Shuttleworth is dragging Ubuntu (and by extension) Linux, kicking and screaming into the “design-first” world of computing lead by Apple. This progress requires that he, to some extent, ignore an entire community that has never prided itself on or been particularly good at design aesthetics. Ignoring such a community has… it’s […]

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AWS Elastic Load Balancer sends 2 Million Netflix API Requests to Wrong Customer

What is it? If you are unfamiliar with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or their Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) service, ELB is a load-balancing service that you can use to spread incoming traffic across many different EC2 server instances. ELB, like all things in the AWS cloud, is a dynamic service that scales up and down […]

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Origin PC Launches AMD FX 8-Core 5Ghz Unlocked Desktop Monster

It looks like Origin PC may have beaten everyone to the punch with this Ghz-unlocked, 8-core AMD FX monster of a machine. I didn’t see any solid ship dates, but AMD’s release date for the Bulldozer architecture has been Q4 for a while now, so I imagine at some point between now and December we’ll […]

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Why Does the Steam “Hardware Survey” Include a List of All Installed Software?

You are going to be prompted soon to agree to fill out the yearly Steam “Hardware Survey” and I would urge you to ask Valve first, why the hardware survey (a great idea in its own right) needs to include a list of all the installed software on your PC? The purpose of the hardware […]

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Unavoidable Security Risk Caused by Elastic Load Balancer on AWS

Last night I was reading through the Amazon Web Services Forums and ran across this post that has vexed me since then. I imagine this post doesn’t come as a surprise to folks very familiar with AWS, but not previously knowing how elastic load balancers were implemented in AWS, it came as a surprise to […]

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Fenix PD30 R5 LED Flashlight Video Review

Introduction [8.5 out of 10] The Fenix PD30 (we reviewed the R5 revision) is a tactical, personal-sized super-flashlight. With a maximum output of 257 lumens on the highest setting (2hr runtime), durable shock and water-resistent design and varying modes of operation, the PD30 gets a strong recommendation from us for anyone wanting to get a […]

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How to Easily Resize Images in Mac OS X

Just to be clear, I feel super lame typing this tip up because it has had me stumped for a while and I never spent much time trying to figure it out. Ultimately I found myself typing “How to easily resize images on Mac” into Google more times than I am proud of. Well, I […]

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W3 Total Cache: Import Media Library to CDN is Incomplete or Fails

We are current in the midst of moving 5 years worth of media to a CDN to help increase page-load speed and I have hit some bumps along the way that I want to write about incase anyone else is running into the same problems. I have used the WordPress cache plugin WP-SuperCache for something […]

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Microsoft Gets it, Sony Just F-ing Hates You

I can’t believe I’m typing this… maybe Hell is a snowy paradise, but: Microsoft gets it. Hackers, as insignificant and unimportant as most corporations make them out to be, do drive interest in things. That interest starts down low, with the individual hackers and it bubbles up in the form of words and actions. “Console […]

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New MacBook Pro Rumored to Use Hybrid SSD/HD Combo

BGR is reporting that Apple’s soon-to-be-announced MacBook Pro lineup refresh will include a larger glass trackpad and a hybrid SSD/spindle-based HD combo in the base models for the operating system. In the base models a small (8 or 16GB SSD) will be embedded in the computer to store and run the Mac OS X operating […]

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US Navy Creates Super-Laser

I didn’t realize the Navy was in the business of creating lasers, but apparently they are. Slashdot reports that: The US Navy has broken the existing record for the power of a laser. Their new free-electron laser can burn through 20 feet of steel per second. ‘Next up for the tech: additional weaponization. The Navy just […]

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Dell Rumored to Buy AMD

If you are into rumors (omg Snooki is pregnant!) then you might be interested to know that rumors are about that Dell might be interested in buying AMD. Considering that AMD produces: Server processors (Opteron) Desktop processors (Phenom) GPUs (ATI branch) Integrated CPU/GPU processors (Fusion series) and will soon be producing mobile-based, integrated solutions to […]

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