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Patrick’s 10 Most Anticipated Summer Movies 2014

We are just a couple of weeks away from the official kick off of the summer movie season. This year does not look as promising as last year or certainly next year but there are some movies I am super excited to see and several that I am cautiously optimistic about. It is always fun [...]

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Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie Review

Not content to rehash or mimic past comic book adaptations and sequels, Captain America the Winter Solider is a flawlessly executed film that raises the bar on superhero movies higher than it has ever been by stepping out of the confines of its own genre. While struggling to find his place in the world, Steve [...]

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Veronica Mars Movie Review

A near perfect love letter to fans of the series, Veronica Mars is also a compelling enough story and mystery to stand on its own. On the cusp of landing a big lawyer job in New York at a prestigious firm, Veronica Mars (Kristin Bell) is drawn back home to Neptune, CA when ex-boyfriend Logan [...]

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Patrick’s Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2014

At last I give you my list of most anticipated movies of 2014 because I am positive that you are all waiting for it with bated breath. I am also positive that there are unicorns. Sure you might be wondering why I am posting this at the end of February, right before we start the [...]

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Patrick’s 10 Least Favorite Movies of 2013

Just like every year I have 10 favorites I also have 10 least favorites. This is that list. It is not a list of the worst movies of the year as that is highly subjective and I did not see every movie made this year. These are the ones I didn’t respond to favorably for [...]

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Pompeii Movie Review

A poor man’s amalgamation of several other movies, Pomepeii is poorly written mess that feels almost entirely pointless. Writing a plot summary seems redundant because before you walk in you’ve seen this movie several times before but Pompeii tells the story of Milo the Celt (Kit Harington), a slave turned Gladiator, whose entire village was [...]

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RoboCop (2014) Movie Review

Even with  story problems, poorly executed effects, lack of a compelling villain and lackluster action, the worst sin committed by the remake of RoboCop is that is very, very boring. In the year 2028, Omnicorp has robot peace keeping drones deployed in strife ridden areas of the world but the one market they cannot crack [...]

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The Lego Movie Review

A multi-layered family comedy that works on several levels at once with some of the most consistently funny material I have ever seen wrapped in amazing animation, The Lego Movie is a solid hit out of the park. The Lego Movie tells the story of Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt), an unassuming construction worker who is [...]

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Patrick’s 10 Favorite Movies of 2013

It is that time of year again where I look back on the year that was and offer up my list of my favorite movies from 2013. This is coming a bit later than usual because it took a little longer to run down and see as much as I could and there are still [...]

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I, Frankenstein Movie Review

Based on a graphic novel of the same name I, Frankenstein is an occasionally cool but ultimately enormously silly movie that squanders the small amount of potential it has in favor of CGI and nonsense. After Victor Frankenstein’s (Aden Young) death, his creation Adam (Aaron Eckhart) buries the body in the Frankenstein family plot and [...]

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Philomena Movie Review

At turns funny, sad, heartwarming and sweet Philomena is beautiful film with the perfect pace and sensibility for a film that just as easily could have gone completely off the rails. Based on a true story, the film follows the efforts of Philomena Lee (Judi Dench) to find and meet her son who was given [...]

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The Wolf of Wall Street Movie Review

A big, loud, overblown, hilarious, disturbing and excessive film about the big, loud, overblown, hilarious, disturbing and excessive life of a douche bag stock broker who fleeced people of their hard earned dollars while filling his own pockets, The Wolf of Wall Street is a sobering look at the effects of excess and greed without [...]

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American Hustle Movie Review

As intricate as it is hilarious, American Hustle features tremendous performances, an engaging story and fantastic direction making it an easy front runner for best film of the year. Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) is a con man who runs a simple scam and keeps things tight. He has several legit businesses for cover and laundering [...]

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Movie Review

A more exciting and cohesive film, the second Hobbit film holds itself together much better than the first but is much lighter on weight and substance. Telling the next chapter in a journey that probably should have been contained in one movie, the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug follows the hobbit Bilbo (Martin Freeman), Gandalf [...]

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Patrick’s Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies

Alright with Christmas just around the corner I thought I would share my top 10 favorite Christmas movies. As usual this is not a list of the objectively best Christmas movies but rather my favorite.  Before we get to the list, I want to qualify some things. First, just because it isn’t on here doesn’t [...]

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Saving Mr. Banks Movie Review

An emotional, funny and ultimately heartfelt movie, Saving Mr. Banks may be taking some creative license with history but it is a magnificent film that compels and satisfies. Telling the story of the pre-production of Mary Poppins as Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) tries to convince author PL Travers (Emma Thompson) to sign over the rights [...]

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Patrick’s 10 Favorite Ghost/Haunted House Movies

Ghost and Haunted House movies are a bit different and lumping them together is a little weird given that some of the titles here don’t really fall into the haunted house category but I also wanted to stick to horror movies as opposed to a blanket ghost category. Otherwise I would be dealing with comedies [...]

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Patrick’s Top 10 Favorite Horror Soundtracks

In my previous favorite 10 list, I went over my favorite horror themes and how important they are to horror films and the impact they have on public consciousness. Now I am going to list off a group of films that stand out for their overall soundtrack, ones in which there may be a particularly [...]

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Patrick’s 10 Favorite Horror Themes

The horror genre is a wide and varied affair with an almost infinite number of sub-genres. There is a ton of variety and liking one sort doesn’t necessarily imply that you will like all sorts. If there is one thing that unifies all of the different sorts of horror films, one thing that even people [...]

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Patrick’s Top 10 Favorite Horror Movie Posters

 The original concept of this was horror movie coverboxes which is what the spirit of the list still is, however, some movies ended up with some badass posters and some shitty coverboxes especially after new editions of the DVDs and blu-rays started to come out. I am not sure if it is a rights issue [...]

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Patrick’s 10 Favorite Horror Movie Slashers

For this list I wanted to take a look at some horror movie villains but that is a pretty broad category so I am narrowing it down a bit. There will be some separate lists for other sorts of villains and monsters and there is a bit of cross-over or wiggle room with some of [...]

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Patrick’s 10 Favorite Zombie Movies

It is time again to celebrate the scary season with some top ten lists of favorite spooky things. Last year I did my 10 Favorite Horror Movies and this year I am going to narrow the focus down a bit and list my favorite zombie movies. Now before we get into this, some guidelines for [...]

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Escape Plan Movie Review

  Movies like this make me wish I was a hack film critic so I could make lots of turns of phrase and puns about how bad this movie is and relating it back to the title and plot but I am not a hack and therefore take the highroad. I wish this movie could [...]

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Don Jon Movie Review

  Written, directed and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Don Jon is a funny, irreverent and surprisingly deep and poignant film that looks at the nature of relationships and addiction and how often the two intertwine.  Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a fairly simple man with a simple set of priorities. He cares about his body, his family, his pad, [...]

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