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Workout Program for People that Hate Working Out

The idea for this workout program dawned on me the other day as a way to slowly (very slowly) get into a fitness routine that you are meant to keep going the rest of your life. I was sick of training schedules and programs that were so extreme I could only keep them up for […]

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E3 2011 – Brandon Regner and Allan Salmi’s “The Sims”+Ford Mural

At E3 this year Ford and EA’s franchise The Sims have commissioned artist Brandon Regner to paint a 12′ x 23′ mural along with artist Allan Salmi during the course of the 3 days of E3. On the first day we walked by the mural, which had been been outlined on a giant white wall and only […]

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Why You Should Consider the $1300 Expobar Office Lever Espresso Machine

DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliation with any company discussed in this post. I am just sharing the culmination of my thoughts over the last 2 years as it pertains to (what I consider) expensive-ass espresso machines. I don’t think I’d ever call myself a “coffee geek“, but after spending something like $4k in the last […]

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TSA “Nude” Body Scanners Fails to Detect Firearms

You know those hugely expensive/controversial XRay body scanners that the TSA is employing at airports around the US that have everyone up in arms? Well NBC News is reporting that they aren’t that effective, with “plant” FBI agents making it through the scanner multiple times with a firearm. Adding insult to injury, none of the […]

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Why Faster-than-Light Travel is Impossible

Hacker News pointed me over at a question posted on reddit: Why exactly can nothing go faster than the speed of light? The poster pointing out that all the preliminary reading he’d done online hadn’t been able to truly answer that question; he would just see declarations of the fact or challenges to it, but […]

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Why Do Security Professionals Think Criminals are So Dumb?

I read a story today on Slashdot about an officer working for the Maryland Department of Corrections that was told his Facebook username and password must be provided to his employer so they can read his private messages in order to vet him for his re-certification… for national security reasons. What bothers me the most […]

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UBS Exec Blows Whistle on Tax-Evading, American Plutocrats and Goes to Prison

Long story short: UBS (Swiss Bank) executive, Bradley Birkenfeld, blew the whistle on 19,000 American million and billionaires to the US Justice Department that were hiding roughly $19 billion in assets from the IRS and was promptly thrown in federal prison. (Full story) Birkenfeld points out that the head of UBS regularly golfs with President […]

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Looking for Self Storage? Try Storitz!

I am posting this because I think as we continue to accumulate an inhuman amount of stuff into our lives, the use of self-storage facilities just gets more and more frequent. is trying to make the process of finding and renting a unit a much smoother process than using Google Maps to simply find a […]

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QN: Thunderstorms Proven to Burst Anti-matter Into Space

Using the Fermi Gamma-ray-detecting satellite, NASA has detected the creation and explosion of positrons (anti-matter) into space from the top side of thunderstorms occurring on the Earth’s surface: Fermi is designed to monitor gamma rays, the highest energy form of light. When antimatter striking Fermi collides with a particle of normal matter, both particles immediately […]

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Ian Lungold, Indigo Children and Our Increasing Consciousness

I read an NYT article today called “Are They Here to Save the World?” – “they” being Indigo children. The term “Indigo” coming from the color of aura these children are said to have. Indigo children are said to share similar traits to one another: high intelligence, challenging to authority or social norms, curious, empathetic […]

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Ally Bank Customer Service is Still Fantastic

We have written about Ally Bank in the past and here I am writing about it again: their customer service is great. I have no affiliation with the bank nor do we get any sort of kick-back from people signing up with them; I just feel compelled to share. I had accounts with GMAC Bank […]

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Recently Declassified 1945 Gun-Cam Footage from Attack on Japan

Kris Morton sent in a link to recently declassified footage from WWII airplane strafing runs on Japanese soil. Kris’s mentions his own family’s history with regard to WWII and why this video hit home: At about 2:24 the ground pounding starts. My Grandfather flew Hellcats in WWII. Was amongst the first to fly over Japanese […]

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PurrFect Post MONDO (Cat Scratching Post) Video Review

Summary If you pamper your cats and spending $140 on one of the largest cat-scratching posts on the market doesn’t seem crazy to you as long as it makes them happy, feel free to stop reading and just go buy the PurrFect Post MONDO. On the other hand, if you are still convinced that a […]

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Time Management with Mark Forster’s Autofocus System

Mark Forster is a retired life coach and author dedicated to teaching time management strategies. What is the Autofocus System? Forster has been writing about a new style of time management that he is calling “Autofocus“. There are 3 core tenants to the Autofocus system that when combined create an incredibly intuitive approach to getting […]

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PetSafe/MultiVet SlimCat Food Dispensing Toy Video Review

Summary The PetSafe/MultiVet SlimCat (Green) food toy is a simple, well-designed and adjustable food dispensing toy meant to kept your cats (and small non-chewing dogs) entertained with a toy that rewards them by letting pieces of food fall out as they play with it. We have tried other food-dispensing toys like this in the past […]

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If You Are Scared of Heights, Beware. If You Aren’t, You Will Be

Marc Chung originally sent this in as a YouTube link from the dude who originally posted it. Unfortunately the corporate lawyers got a hold of it and didn’t like him showing video of what his friend’s job actually consists of, so it was pulled along with a bullshit explanation as to why (Thanks to Tom […]

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Tom Kelley Lecture “Treat Life as an Experiment”

This is a lecture by Tom Kelley titled “Treat Life as an Experiment”. The crux of Kelley’s is lecture is to not be afraid to fail by approaching the challenges and new experiences in life with the attitude of a scientist doing an experiment. Kelley gives a good example of picking up a book at […]

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Cribs Aren’t Just For Babies, Anymore.

Teen crib. As I await the power calls from the folks that are going to be moving and shaking me into a brand new tax bracket, I have been pissing my day away watching what may be the single most hope-effacing show on television. Teen Cribs. Why am I watching Teen Cribs?  Because it was […]

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Trailers For Sale Or Rent…

So, I received in my email what I think may actually be the new low in paranormal exploitation.  Forget everything about charging for investigations – I’ve yet to meet the group that actually DOES that, and if I did, I would simply point and laugh.  The tables have now turned, and instead of the ubiquitous […]

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Patrick’s Paranormal Drama Manifesto or Holy Shit He’s Gone All Jerry Maguire

It is no secret to longtime readers of the site (or even short time readers for that matter) that Katie and I write books about the paranormal, specifically ghosts and haunted places. We’ve been doing this for about three years and in that time have completed three books and are in the middle of a […]

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Gay Marriage Debate Coming to a Head… Literally

I don’t intend anything actually helpful in this post with regards to gay marriage, just something to make you smile that Matt Young sent in. The chart you see above is from a post over at FiveThirtyEight where they charted the public opinion poll results on supporting/opposing gay marriage since 1988. Obviously you can see […]

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Long Tailed Macaque Monkey Adopts Kitten in Wild

Laurence Hartje sent in a link to a Telegraph article where a long tailed macaque was caught on camera by a visitor to the Monkey Forest Park in Bali, cradling, caring for, protecting and generally loving on a kitten. The monkey is protective of the kitten, carrying around and shielding it from the attention of […]

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Australian Mom Brings Baby Back to Life After 2hrs of Loving Embrace

Pictured above is Kate Ogg, her husband David and her lifeless baby son who was born premature at 27 weeks (~6.5 months) weighing 2lbs back in March 2010 in Sydney. Ogg’s son was born along-side twin sister Emily, but after 20 mins of struggling, doctors were unable to get the little boy breathing successfully and declared […]

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Guy Sells Raffle Ticket, Loses 2010 Shelby Cobra GT500 at Quakecon Moments Later

Quakecon gave away 2 brand new 2010 Shelby Cobra GT500 cars this year in a raffle result that send one man to his knees in anguish. You can watch the video below, it is on one gentleman (in the white hat) selling his raffle ticket to another attendee for $200 moments before they called the winners. What […]

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