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Why Faster-than-Light Travel is Impossible

Hacker News pointed me over at a question posted on reddit: Why exactly can nothing go faster than the speed of light? The poster pointing out that all the preliminary reading he’d done online hadn’t been able to truly answer that question; he would just see declarations of the fact or challenges to it, but […]

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UBS Exec Blows Whistle on Tax-Evading, American Plutocrats and Goes to Prison

Long story short: UBS (Swiss Bank) executive, Bradley Birkenfeld, blew the whistle on 19,000 American million and billionaires to the US Justice Department that were hiding roughly $19 billion in assets from the IRS and was promptly thrown in federal prison. (Full story) Birkenfeld points out that the head of UBS regularly golfs with President […]

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Looking for Self Storage? Try Storitz!

I am posting this because I think as we continue to accumulate an inhuman amount of stuff into our lives, the use of self-storage facilities just gets more and more frequent. is trying to make the process of finding and renting a unit a much smoother process than using Google Maps to simply find a […]

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QN: Thunderstorms Proven to Burst Anti-matter Into Space

Using the Fermi Gamma-ray-detecting satellite, NASA has detected the creation and explosion of positrons (anti-matter) into space from the top side of thunderstorms occurring on the Earth’s surface: Fermi is designed to monitor gamma rays, the highest energy form of light. When antimatter striking Fermi collides with a particle of normal matter, both particles immediately […]

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Time Management with Mark Forster’s Autofocus System

Mark Forster is a retired life coach and author dedicated to teaching time management strategies. What is the Autofocus System? Forster has been writing about a new style of time management that he is calling “Autofocus“. There are 3 core tenants to the Autofocus system that when combined create an incredibly intuitive approach to getting […]

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Ultraviolet Light Uncovers Original Colors of Greek Sculptures

Archaeologist Vinzenz Brinkmann and his wife Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann, with the assistance of high-intensity ultraviolet raking light and Infrared Spectroscopy, claim that they have uncovered the original coloring of Greek sculptures. What we so typically associate in our minds with the words “Greek sculpture” is typically a smoothed marble creation in stark-white that exudes an understated level […]

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380 Million Eggs Recalled in 17 States due to Salmonella Scare

380 million eggs from Iowa are being recalled after a Salmonella sickens hundreds of people across 17 states. Wright County Egg of Galt, Iowa, now says the potentially tainted eggs were distributed to wholesalers, distribution centers and food service companies in California, Arizona, Missouri, Minnesota, Texas, Georgia, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Illinois, Utah, Nebraska, […]

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