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Forever Alone Guy – High Resolution

I do this as a public service to everyone else on the internet that thinks the 4chan creations like the “Forever alone guy” are absolutely hilarious; here is a high-resolution version of that guy if you need him for any edits you are creating yourself: I don’t know what is actually drawing these memes over […]

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At Home with Cats Web Series

I make it no secret that I have cats. I used to hate cats, but 7.5 years ago my wife asked dropped a bomb on me when she asked if we could get a cat. I thought it over for about a day and figured her happiness was worth more to me than my disdain for cats, […]

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When Parents Text

Let’s face it, it is Christmas week and if you are still in the office you are probably just browsing the web until Christmas Eve. I am. Anyway, Kris Morton wants you to be happy and sent in a link to a great time-wasting humor site that seems to be the new fad of collecting […]

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Anonymous Chatting on Omegle is Risky Business

Omegle is an interesting social experiment: anonymous chat with random strangers online, much like Chatroulette. My own experiences with these services have usually been less than enlightening, but always entertaining. Here is a recently conversation I had with someone that was spiritually, a much deeper conversation than I expected to have: Occasionally you hit gold […]

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Golden Retriever with a Kitten Hat

I have actually been sitting on posting this picture for most of the day because it’s cute, but I have no content to go along with it. I finally gave up trying to come up with context for it and just decided I had to share it… it’s too cute not to. via Reddit.

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Christian Bale vs Mel Gibson: Phone Fight!

Thanks to modern audio-editing software and boredom, some wonderful soul on YouTube has taken the time to edit together Christian Bale’s ranting and raving from the set of Terminator and Mel Gibson’s ranting and raving at his gold-digging girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva (she’s trying to extort $10 million from him and keeps leaking the phone calls): […]

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Double Rainbows Will Mess You Up

Caught this via @DonMacAskill, this guy is a SmugMug customer and I guess woke up one morning to a complete, end-to-end double-rainbow with colors so vibrant he says it looked more like half of a “plate” of color across the sky than two rainbows. I was ready to shrug the video off, but dude starts […]

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