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Surprise! They’re not zombies.

In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to talk about something that has come up quite a bit recently, and I can only guess it has to do with the fact that Halloween is the season of horror movies and zombies. More people are crowding around televisions and flocking to theaters to see movies that […]

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Patrick’s 10 Favorite TV Vampires

Alright here we are with my top 10 list of TV vampires. Like the Movie vampire list, this one is based soley on characters I think are cool and that I personally respond to as opposed to any sort of measureable amount of popularity of iconography.  There are also several from Buffy the Vampire Slayer […]

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Black Jesus

Katie’s San Diego Comic Con International 2014 Recap!!

Another year – another San Diego Comic Con on the books. Honestly, I will never tire of attending.  One of the perks of doing all of the writing that I do is that conventions consider you part of the family and they let you in.  I imagine it’s like being one of the pretty girls […]

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The Gentleman Radio Episode 105: Stop The Damn Match, The Clone Has A Family!!!

    Welcome to a very special episode of the Gentlemen Radio where Charles and Jeff take a break from the hectic atmosphere of the San Diego Comic-Con to have an in-depth philosophical discussion regarding the ethics surrounding the cloning of human beings.  If you listen to only one episode of the Gentlemen Radio Show, […]

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Transformers’ Biggest Fan Hits The New York Premiere!!

I can’t leave my readers hanging on the idea that the Transformers’ Biggest Fan got eternally screwed out of attending a premiere, can I? No. Let’s have Sean tell us how it all went down, shall we? It’s only been a couple of days since I’ve returned from New York City, but the excitement from […]

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Transformers Fanaticon

Transformers: World’s Biggest Fan In Disguise!

You know how, sometimes, you can be acquainted with someone for a long time – work with him, be great friends with his wife, have kids who hang out together – and never know the person has this really amazing life subplot that would make any self-respecting toy collector absolutely incandescent with envy? In my […]

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Scenes From Phoenix Comicon 2014

This was my 2nd trip to the Phoenix comicon, and I enjoyed it even more this year. Since I felt I didn’t quite get the whole experience last year, I planned to go for 2 days this year. It still wasn’t enough. This year the size of the exhibition hall nearly doubled, and the attendance was […]

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Chef Movie Review

    Actor/Writer/Director Jon Favreau returns to his indie movie roots in the excellent Chef. When an artist finds themselves in a creative rut or frustration, it is often helpful to go back to the origins of one’s craft to rediscover their passion and realize why they do what they do. In Chef, both the […]

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Almost Human (FOX)S1E10 *SPOILERS*

Here we go… We open on an OKCupid Eye Close Up Picture Apparently students are in the holodeck…the holodeck of MATH! Look bees and symphonies are great but if you have a holodeck and you aren’t using it to be a pirate, you are doing it wrong. Also I am pretty sure you aren’t supposed […]

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) S1:E13 *SPOILERS*

Ian Quinn is that man with the terrible pun on that magazine cover and the subject of our search. Phil puts the screws to Italian Hugo Strange and sips a tiny cup, I love it when a plan comes together. The team goes under cover and no one seems all that pleased. Ward apparently speaks […]

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Almost Human (FOX) S1E9 *SPOILERS*

Here we go. NOW ON SPROCKETS WE DANCE! Dorian and Kennex or are giving kids a tour of the policestation. Dorian is lame and boring but Kennex can win them over with cool action an violence…until Chunk from the Goonies threw up. Kennex swings and misses again. Uh oh. Martha Wayne just got shot during […]

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The Blacklist (NBC) S1:E11 *SPOILERS*

  After a holiday hiatus we are back! Sorry for the delay on this one folks I was down and out with that super cold flu that’s been going around last week. Looks like our blacklister this week is the kid from Home Alone 3, at least that’s what the setup looks like… or is […]

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) S1:E12 *SPOILERS*

We open this weekend with a school skinny dipping party at the school? Man, TV kids these days. Looks like their party was too cool for the pool, probably shouldn’t have drank that Coors Light. So basically this is going to be a college homecoming episode? But they are heading to the Scienctific one. Wait do […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Show Episode 81 – There’s a Top 10 List For That

We’re back with local filmmaker Nick Fimbers to talk about the films of 2013. Charles gives the list of 10 movies he’s seen this year, Nick gives his top 10 films of the year, and Patrick gives his top 10 list of top 10 lists. Jeff didn’t have a top 10 list and just mentioned […]

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Almost Human (FOX) S1 E8

And here we go   Look just because a dude is running doesn’t mean I am going to make a hackneyed Forest Gump joke…Dammit. Sniper ended that conversation really quick.   Nothing says support group like a hover Roomba. Sideburns has a really bad attitude. Kennex is all smiles. It is kind of creepy. This […]

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) S1:E11 *SPOILERS*

After the recap we open on some sneaky Chitauri metal transactions and it turns out that they are smack dab in the middle of a S.H.I.E.L.D. bust May and Handsomeface come in punching and managing to beat the crap out of everyone. Holy crap… the companions just sad “Embrace the change…” Bad guy gets hustled into […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 80 : Why Doesn’t Anybody Van Surf Anymore?

And welcome to the FIRST podcast of 2014, recorded once again at 1055 Brewery.  We go over our You Haven’t Seen That picks from last week, and Charles has quite a bit to say about Reality Bites.  Seriously, I was pretty shocked at what he had to say about it.  The man certainly has a […]

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Almost Human (FOX) S1 E7 *Spoilers*

And here we go.   Douche cop holding court right out of the gates. Kennex hates him as much as I do. Nice back and forth. Dorian takes it to the next level and punches Douche Cop right in the face. Apparently partially charged Dorian equals punching Douche Cop. I approve.   Dorian is very […]

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Almost Human (FOX) SE1 EP6 *Spoilers*

And here we go… Hologram healthcare with glitches. Even in the future healthcare sucks. Best way to get into an ER is with a handgun apparently. And it still isn’t fast enough. Figures.   Kennex bangs on technology. Dorian calls him on it, then gives him a ticket for running a red light. It is […]

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The Blacklist (NBC) S1:E10 *SPOILERS*

Mid-series finale and it looks like The Blacklist will be back for a Second Season next year. Huzzah. Agent IT Helpdesk was able to perform the System Reboot on a completely fake looking user-interface, but hey who am I to judge? At least that was more impressive than getting punched in the face. Lizzy is […]

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) S1:E10 *SPOILERS*

Open at Havenworth penitentiary on our potentially psychic guy, probably not Mentallo, from last time. Super soldiers bust in and go for extraction, all business and punching. Ouch, wasn’t good to have pulled lunch duty that day as a prison guard. Phil talks about the 90s and has a grunge look in his eyes and a […]

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Almost Human (FOX) S1E5

And here we go Creepy droid bank. Kennex is waiting and not happy about it. He is going to go find his droid. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEW creepy Ken Doll body! They are replacing Dorian’s chest plate.   Kennex calls out the Ken Doll body. I am not sure what bothers me the most: The Ken body or […]

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Almost Human (FOX) S1: E4

And here we go Mackenzie Crook looks weirder and weirder every week. Ah jumping back 24 hours. OH SHIT KENNEX DAVID LO PAN IS GIVING YOU…wait no…never mind. Live sea slugs for lunch is great. But no CGI animals were hurt in the filming of this episode.   I don’t like this whole ‘talking into […]

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The Walking Dead (AMC) S4:E7 *SPOILERS*

We start with Megan at the chess board with the governor washing clothes. “Your turn pumpkin.” “I’m thinking.” Interspersed scene with Martinez at the pit. He helps them out. “You can’t think forever. Sometimes you just have to make a move.” Governor tells her a bit about his upbringing with his father. “He used to […]

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