Catachresis is a trip down… that ain’t no memory lane I’ve ever heard of.

open screen

Catachresis  is an interesting quick to play browser game that is pretty much going to fudge your mind, but in a really cool way.

Your adventures kicks off with a handsomely square pimp named Jeff, who gives off a bit of a Winston Zeddemore vibe.


Jeff seems like the Donny of the group until they realize he has got a special purpose to fulfill, I’ll let you and Jeff sort that out for yourself as I’m still trying to digest it. The story and the soundtrack of this little gem of a game are so excellent at keeping you guessing and on edge, that the atmosphere builds into the mystery mash of what just happened and why I am talking to an Alpaca now? Who knows, do yourself a favor take 20 minutes and savor this odd experience.


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