The Buzz Media has only ever had the company goal of delivering content that answers the question: Is this helpful, interesting or entertaining?

That’s it… that’s really the only guideline we have as writers on the site. To that end the site has become a collection of works from Video Game Reviews to Paranormal Investigation critiques all the way to HDTV repair tips and software development. None of it has a relationship to one another, but each piece is interesting interesting and/or entertaining… and we think it is all fun to write.

If you’d like to learn more about the authors that work hard to make this all happen, you can click their link below to learn more:

Katie Mullaly

Katie Mullaly is the author (along with Patrick) of the very popular Scare-Izona:  A Travel Guide to Arizona’s Spookiest Spots and Tucson’s Most Haunted.  Her third book will hit the shelves this fall, and two more books are currently in production.  As well as writing for the hugely popular “The Buzz Media” website, she also hosts her own show on para-x radio (and called Anything But Paranormal, and can frequently be seen as a featured extra in most of Peter Leon’s films.  She is her own Easter egg.  Basically, she’s awesome.  She would also like to meet Adam Lambert because he’s cool on a cellular level.  So, if anyone can hook that up for her, that’d be great.

J. Patrick Ohlde

Patrick is the author of Scare-Izona: A Travel Guide to Arizona’s Spookiest Spots and Tucson’s Most Haunted and has three more books in various stages of production. Patrick holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Arizona which he has never used professionally but it sure looks nice on the wall at his parents’ house. In addition to writing books, Patrick is an avid gamer, artist, musician, actor, martial artist and film buff. He also enjoys writing long winded and self-congratulatory bios of himself. Seriously, look him up on Amazon. That one is even longer than this one.

Riyad Kalla

Riyad is the founder of The Buzz Media, LLC which began in 2006 under the name of The “Break it Down” Blog. After that and (a humor site) were created. In 2010 all the sites were combined under one roof, becoming

Riyad’s posts tend to focus on technology, software development, video games or just something funny found online.

Writing style is like that of a 6th grader with too much coffee and grasp of the English language is passable… at best. He also likes cats. Read more…