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The Gentleman Radio Episode 105: Stop The Damn Match, The Clone Has A Family!!!

    Welcome to a very special episode of the Gentlemen Radio where Charles and Jeff take a break from the hectic atmosphere of the San Diego Comic-Con to have an in-depth philosophical discussion regarding the ethics surrounding the cloning of human beings.  If you listen to only one episode of the Gentlemen Radio Show, […]

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Scenes From Phoenix Comicon 2014

This was my 2nd trip to the Phoenix comicon, and I enjoyed it even more this year. Since I felt I didn’t quite get the whole experience last year, I planned to go for 2 days this year. It still wasn’t enough. This year the size of the exhibition hall nearly doubled, and the attendance was […]

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Chef Movie Review

    Actor/Writer/Director Jon Favreau returns to his indie movie roots in the excellent Chef. When an artist finds themselves in a creative rut or frustration, it is often helpful to go back to the origins of one’s craft to rediscover their passion and realize why they do what they do. In Chef, both the […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 92: Whatcha Gonna Do When [THIS TITLE WAS CENSORED DUE TO 4 YEAR OLD SPOILERS] Runs Wild On You

Welcome to another classic episode of The Gentlemen Radio Show!  This episode Gentleman Jeffrey finally got his way and the episode was recorded in the peace and serenity of Reid Park.  Tonight we discuss the return of Game of Thrones, where Gentleman Charles uses his immense knowledge of both the show and novels to be […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 89 : True Walking Heroes of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We’re back at our new home The Maker House for another titillating episode of The Gentlemen Radio Show!  This week we focus heavily on TV;  recapping The Walking Dead, True Detective and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  We also have the announced miniseries Heroes Reborn as we discuss the show’s prospects and how we felt about the […]

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Jeffrey’s Perfectly On-Time Top Ten Films of 2013

While most people rush to get their top 10 lists out as soon as the year ends, perhaps even right before it ends, I like to do mine right around the time of the Academy Awards.  This allows me the time to not only see all of the films released late in the year, but […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Show Episode 81 – There’s a Top 10 List For That

We’re back with local filmmaker Nick Fimbers to talk about the films of 2013. Charles gives the list of 10 movies he’s seen this year, Nick gives his top 10 films of the year, and Patrick gives his top 10 list of top 10 lists. Jeff didn’t have a top 10 list and just mentioned […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 80 : Why Doesn’t Anybody Van Surf Anymore?

And welcome to the FIRST podcast of 2014, recorded once again at 1055 Brewery.  We go over our You Haven’t Seen That picks from last week, and Charles has quite a bit to say about Reality Bites.  Seriously, I was pretty shocked at what he had to say about it.  The man certainly has a […]

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The Walking Dead (AMC) S4:E7 *SPOILERS*

We start with Megan at the chess board with the governor washing clothes. “Your turn pumpkin.” “I’m thinking.” Interspersed scene with Martinez at the pit. He helps them out. “You can’t think forever. Sometimes you just have to make a move.” Governor tells her a bit about his upbringing with his father. “He used to […]

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) S1 E8 *SPOILERS*

We start out in space, speaking of gods and myth. Asgard and Thor are mentioned immediately. Crossover! “Our all the other deities aliens too?” Damn, is this show just begging for protests?   Skye wants Thor. “He’s dreamy!” I guess Skye is going to have to work this out with Jane Foster – Black Swan […]

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The Walking Dead (AMC) S4:E6 *SPOILERS*

  It’s going to be tough to follow last week’s intense episode. What are we going to do with The Governor? And we start right away with a Governor – Where Are They Now montage. Is this going to be the entire episode? I’m thinking yes. So we are having a nice campfire. A walker […]

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The Walking Dead (AMC) S4:E5 *SPOILERS*

After last week’s episode, hopefully the show will continue it’s momentum and we will have another good episode with the fallout of Rick’s decision to tell Carol to kick rocks. We start with Rick driving home in silence. Again we focus on Rick’s bandaged hand, emphasizing again that he kicked Tyrese’s ass. C’mon guys, now […]

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The Walking Dead (AMC) S4:E4 *SPOILERS*

So because most of the country hasn’t caught up with the awesome invention of the light bulb, they started lying about what time it really was this weekend. Why do I care? Because cable channels fall for this lie and change the times of all their TV shows. For networks it doesn’t matter, but cable […]

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The Walking Dead (AMC) S4:E3 *SPOILERS*

Apologies that this wasn’t posted last night, but I was out late with the Gentlemen recording a new podcast and didn’t have a chance to finish the recap until after work today.  So if you already saw Marilyn Manson’s insane drug-fueled ramblings about what the episode meant on The Talking Dead, I forgive you if […]

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The Walking Dead (AMC) S4:E2 *SPOILERS*

  And here we go with episode 2 of Season 4 : Revenge of the Nerd Starting off at night…Outside prison walls…mystery person feeding a rat to the walkers. And we go to Tyrese getting some action.  Then he ruins it by talking about people that have died.  And you wonder why you aren’t getting […]

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) S1:E4 *SPOILERS*

Good evening, folks! With Charles otherwise engaged this evening you are stuck with me for the play by play this week. We start in Sweden. About a dozen very well dressed men in red kubuki masks. This is apparently perfectly normal in Sweden as nobody is even remotely alarmed by this. Seriously, Sweden? And now […]

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Lee Daniels’ The Butler Movie Review

Lee Daniels’ The Butler kicks off Oscar season with a very compelling drama about the fight for Civil Rights using a true story as an inspiring backdrop. Warner Bros. was very concerned that people would mistake this movie for a short film made in 1916, and so The Weinstein Company was forced to heed their […]

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Only God Forgives Movie Review

Briliant and ultra-stylized visuals don’t compensate for the fact that Nicolas Winding Refn forgot to do one thing in making Only God Forgives — make a compelling story. Only God Forgives is the reteaming of Ryan Gosling with writer-director Nicolas Winding Refn following the excellent Drive in 2011. While Drive was a very quiet, contemplative […]

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The Iceman Movie Review

The Iceman, based on a true story of contracted killer Richard Kuklinski, is an acting tour de force that has easily the best acting performance of the year. To talk about The Iceman, you must first talk about Michael Shannon’s performance. Shannon gives a flawless portrayal of Kuklinski, a man who is said to have […]

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The East Movie Review

  A gripping ideological thriller, Brit Marling again teams up with Zal Batmanglij to deliver one of the best films in the first half of 2013. Marling stars here as Jane, a former FBI agent who has been hired by a firm to investigate an eco-terrorist cell known as The East that targets corporations that […]

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The Bling Ring Movie Review

  What is worse than celebrities that are famous for being famous? The people that worship those celebrities. Sofia Coppola explores this phenomenon in her new film ripped from the headlines about a group of high school students so obsessed with celebrity culture that they break into their homes so they too can live the […]

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This Is The End Movie Review

  One of the funniest comedies of the past several years, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg own the summer with their directorial debut in This Is the End. I am a big fan of Seth Rogen and his partner Evan Goldberg.  Responsible for the films Superbad (writers) and 50/50 (producers) they have proven to embrace […]

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The Purge Movie Review

  One of the dumbest Goddamn movies ever made, The Purge miserably fails in it’s half-assed attempt to be a compelling commentary on American society. When I first heard of the premise of The Purge – That in a mere 10 years from now crime is effectively wiped out because the government legalizes all crime, […]

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Now You See Me Movie Review

  In the biggest surprise thus far in 2013, Louis Leterrier’s Now You See Me is an incredibly fun, funny and engaging heist movie with great performances from everyone involved. While I thought the trailer looked very compelling, and I liked all the actors involved, I was still extremely surprised over how much I enjoyed […]

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