Almost Human (FOX) SE1 EP6 *Spoilers*


And here we go…

Hologram healthcare with glitches. Even in the future healthcare sucks.

Best way to get into an ER is with a handgun apparently. And it still isn’t fast enough. Figures.


Kennex bangs on technology. Dorian calls him on it, then gives him a ticket for running a red light. It is good to see they are finally getting along.


Oops, another DRN. Dorian is weirded out. So am I.

Chinese guy with a gun had a synthetic heart called biomech. Not as good as stem cell regrowth but still good. Looks like a black market heart. He knew the exact moment he was going to die. The plot thickens.


Dorian stole the DRN. Looks like he CAN break the rules. Dorian might have the colloquialism program running but also might have the dickwheel setting activated.


Dorian is literally talking to himself about how much Kennex sucks. Not sure how he hasn’t jumped out of the moving car.

Rudy is talking about his colon. This show is built on awkward conversations and oversharing. This is one of the reasons why I love it.

The DRN is doing the fishy lips thing. Dorian starts doing it too…Kennex has had enough. Says someone needs to get out of the car…and holy shit the DRN just went crazy and is now smashed another android into the side a van. Why aren’t these things in wide circulation anymore again?

Commercial Break

Dorian gave the DRN his case files back but did not update them. This was a pretty big mistake. The captain is not happy.

Dorian is getting sentimental about being decommissioned. Dorian loves Kennex for turning him back on and wants to be the person to give the DRN his ‘life back’ Kennex gets over the awkwardness by threatening to throw the thing over a wall if he steps out of line. This is future speak for ‘I care’


Are you telling me that in the future interpretation is still through a computer interface? Where the hell are the bable fish?


In the future, health insurance is still a nightmare.

Yep black market heart. But there still has to be a money trail.


Kennex and Dorian go into a prosthetics place. Dorian brow beats Kennex into making a donation. I’m John Kennex and this is my favorite donation on the Citadel.


Aftermarket parts in aftermarket hearts. This was a recycled heart from a dead lady. EEEEW. Even in the future there are grave robbers…and apparently Smart Cars.


Cremation is way more efficient than it used to be. This guy’s hair cut is not.

The guy at the cremation parlor has sold 100 used hearts. This is pretty horrifying. Like a junkyard for bodies


Rudy has discovered that the heart had a limiter on it to make it stop at a certain time. Mr. Lee’s was not reset. Looks like organ extortion.


Commercial Break

Looks like it is time for a sting operation.

Stakeouts are great times for android existential crises. Dorian decided to tell the DRN what happened. The DRN did like what he was hearing.



Oh here we go with impatient Douche Cop. God forbid we do an epsiode without him shitting all over everything.

Dorian handed his eye ball to the DRN an the DRN dropped it in some coffee. Yuck. Kennex does not want robot eyeball coffee.


Apparently the Sons of Anarchy are buying up the black market organs.

Doctor dickwheel is putting in the limiting chip into the heart before he puts it in…Opie has a cutting fetish.


The police stop the transplant. She is not going to be happy…she isn’t. She needs the heart to live.


Commercial Break

DRN is doing the terminator voice mod business. He catches on quickly.


Uh oh, the morgue guy is the one in charge of resetting shit.


Douche Cop is interrogating Opie. Opie is giving attitude. He has a lot of priors. You can tell by the beard and long hair.

Ryan Hurst and Charlie Hunnam as Opie Winston and Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy S05E03 Opie Dies 5


The victim is upset because the cops have essentially killed her. Way to go.


I keep waiting for a song to start about legal assassins.


Opie is getting pretty chatty. Doesn’t know the people but he knows the money.


Morgue guy is about to straight up murder some bitches.


Kennex is going hardline on the doctor about the mods. The doctor doesn’t know about the resetting. Doctor thinks it is for remote diagnostics and thought he was helping people.


Douche Cop has a conscience. That is nice. Morgue guy doesn’t reset.

Commercial break


Chinese girl dead on the street from a bad synthetic heart.

Plug for Bitcoin. Nice. Apparently the bottom hasn’t dropped out on them in the future.


People are dropping like flies from hearts not getting reset.


Looks like the cute girl from the beginning might be the culprit. Nope. Guess not.

Assistant Jacinta is the mastermind. You can’t trust assistants!

Dorian using thermal imaging to find a washed floor where blood was.

Kennex figures out it is morgue guy. He is a smart cookie.


Commercial Break

Kennex, Dorian and DRN show up to the morgue guy. Dorian hands the DRN a gun and DRN doesn’t believe in himself because he is scared. Sometimes emotion is a liability said every human ever.


Morgue guy makes a break for it and thinks it is a good idea to open fire on Kennex. It was not. Dorian just jacked him through  a wall like Robocop because Dorian is HARSH.


Victim from earlier is getting a heart replacement after all. That is awesome.

Morgue guy is taunting Dorian about how much time he has. Guy is a shitbird.

DRN is looking through old cases. DRN broke protocol to kill a guy who was going to kill his little boy with a shot gun. DRN was proud of saving the boy and the affection shown him.

Captain is not happy about DRN being in the police station.


DRN has to go back to the hospital. He and Dorian have a shared moment. Dorian E.T.s the DRN’s  memories away. Except for the little boy he saved. Dorian is good people.

Kennex still won’t let Dorian drive.


Well shit, no more Almost Human for another three weeks but when it comes back it will have John Larroquette. Swings and Roundabouts.




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