9 Attitudes of Creative People

Grant Gochnauer sent this link along to an article written about “9 Attitudes of Highly Creative People“. I think I could probably improve in all of these categories except for the “likes to eat sweets” category… oh wait, that’s not a category.

Interestingly enough, even though I read the title twice, I was still interpreting it to be “9 Attitudes of Highly Successful People”. I think we are programmed, from article titles and magazines, to just assume that every article is the one that will clarify the universe for you so you can finally reach your potential.

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I’m just not clear what this article is selling me on. If I don’t have these 9 traits, to a noticeable degree… I’m not creative? I’ll tell you, I’m surprisingly comfortable with not being creative if I’m able to have a big enough house that I need to own golf carts to get around inside of it.


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