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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 26: ASSassin’s Creed III

For those of you waiting with baited breath every Sunday for your new installment of the Gentlemen Radio (READ: None of you) we apologize for the delay.  Sometimes some shit happens especially when you are high profile and in demand Gentlemen. Luckily, it was worth the marginal wait as in this episode we go hard. […]

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Finally finishing out the series, this is the second portion of the film adaptation of the last book in the Twilight series and is marginally better than the first because, at some point, things happen even if it is a cruel bait and switch. When we last left Bella (Kristin Stewart) she had just turned […]

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Assassin’s Creed III (Xbox 360 Review)

No traditions are remembered, all glitches are permitted.   Summary [7 out of 10] Assassin’s Creed III is the indirect follow up to Assassin’s Creed II with two stop gap titles between, those being Brotherhood and Revelations. The story got a bit convoluted with those two titles, some new mechanics were introduced for better or […]

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Superior Hosting is all about Support and Hardware Quality

If you’ve read this site for any length of time, you have probably noticed that I write about my host (RimuHosting) about once a year. If you have spent any time researching hosting providers online, you have likely run across comments about Rimu along the lines of “The support is amazing!” and you think to […]

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Pond Panic (iOS Review)

Summary [4.5 out of 5] Note: We decided to use a ½ scale for mobile gaming since we they are a bit different in terms of depth than a console or PC title. Pond Panic is the first entry into the game catalog of Fabling Game Studios. The game hits all the right notes for […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 25: Gentleman Josh Does Not Own Any Ladders

The epic 25th episode of the Gentlemen Radio again welcomes special gues Patrick ‘Prime’ Griffin to the mic as the Gentlemen dive into the comics in a way that will likely sexually arouse geeks across the country. This is not just any comics episode but rather an in depth dissection of upcoming developments in comic […]

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Skyfall Movie Review

A blending of the rebooted franchise with Bond films of old, Skyfall maintains the quality of the Daniel Craig Bonds while bringing back the fun as well to make for one of the best films in franchise history. After a mission is botched to retrieve a list revealing the true identity of all of MI6′s […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 24: Lucas Has Altered Disney, Pray That He Does Not Alter It Further

Last week George Lucas made an announcement that caused an explosion in the Nerdsphere the likes of which we have never seen. In this episode, the Gentlemen discuss the ins and outs of the sale of LucasArts to Disney and the announcement of Star Wars Episode 7 for 2015. Special Guest-turned-honorary-Gentlemen Patrick (Prime) Griffin joins […]

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Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [8.0 out of 10] Following threads of several interconnected stories, Resident Evil 6 might be the most ambitious entry in the series in terms of both story and execution and it mostly works. Taking a somewhat unorthodox approach to the series, Resident Evil 6 takes a bit of getting used to as the game […]

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Xbox 360 Review)

Summary [9.5 out of 10] I’m not saying that the Unknown Enemy is Aliens, but it’s Aliens. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is not a remake, but a reboot of a beloved game from 1994 called UFO: Enemy Unknown aka X-COM: UFO Defense aka X-COM: Enemy Unknown. After a string of follow-ups culminating with 2001’s X-COM: Enforcer, […]

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