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Ted Movie Review

High concept movies like Ted can be a shakey proposition at the best of times but Seth McFarlane delivers the goods in spades with a surprisingly hilarious and sometimes heart felt film. Ted starts of in typical fairy tale fashion finding a young boy, John Bennett, who has no friends making a Christmas wish that […]

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What I Learned at E3 2012

Every year that I go to E3 I learn something new. The first year I learned a lot because I knew nothing going in. The second year I refined the process but also enjoyed a second person to cover the event with. Now, year three where I flying solo again I find that the process […]

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E3 2012-Videos and Nintendo Press Conference

By now, people generally know about the Nintendo Press Conference and what went on there. I gave my take in the daily summary pretty much. There are some things about the Wii U that look interesting and some things that look terrible. There are better videos out there of the press conference, certainly more complete […]

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E3 2012-Statues and Cool Things

At the Buzz Media we like boobs as much as the next bunch of geek guys who spend most of their time playing games and watching movies but we also find the ‘booth babe’ tradition at E3 to be exploitative and distasteful. Toward this end, and because every other site ever does features highlighting the […]

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Gentlemen Radio Episode 5 and 6: Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun

So we recorded a couple of shows awhile back that went a little long and had a few issues and now we are offering the two of them to you for a bit of value added in an attempt to mitigate their short comings. Episode 5 is all about Prometheus. If you have found yourself […]

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E3 2012 Preview-Splinter Cell Blacklist

Going into E3 this year I was completely unaware of this new iteration of Splinter Cell. When I saw it at Ubisoft’s booth it made me very excited as I have been a fan of the series since the second installment Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. After watching  the theater presentation, I left with mixed feelings. […]

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E3 2012 Preview-Crysis 3

Outside of a Turtle Beach demo at last year’s E3 I have never played any of the Crysis games and as such they have been off my radar outside of just looking pretty. Watching the theater demo of Crysis 3 makes me a bit more interested in the series although it doesn’t do a huge […]

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E3 2012 Hands on Preview-Resident Evil 6

Given that it is one of my favorite game series of all time, Resident Evil 6 was easily my most anticipated game of the show. I was dismayed to not have an appointment with Capcom and even more dismayed when the chances of getting hands on with the game looked bleaker and bleaker. You can […]

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E3 2012 Preview-Dead Space 3

In a time when survival horror has gone the way of over the top action, Dead Space has been the lonely flicker in the darkness of claustrophobic horror. Some of that looks to change with the upcoming third installment of the game as the close quarters corridors and encroaching shadows of the first two games […]

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E3 2012 Preview-Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider games have a long and storied history that isn’t always awesome. Some of them have rocked and some of them have sucked. The series was run aground with quick and souless sequels built on a not so unchecked sexism and exploitation and then revived with more earnest attempts to deliver the character […]

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E3 Preview-Assassin’s Creed 3

Going into E3, Assassin’s Creed 3 was one of my most anticipated games but I had no Ubisoft appointments nor an invite to their press conference and I thought that my chances of getting into the theater presentation were pretty slim. The persistent line for the show reinforced this greatly. As luck would have it, […]

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E3 2012 Preview-Elder Scrolls Online

People have been asking if there is ever going to be a multi-player component to the Elder Scrolls series for years. Back in Morrowind there was a dude you could find who would even tell you lies about it if you were intrepid enough to find him. It seemed like all this desire fell on […]

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E3 2012 Preview-Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Injustice: Gods Among Us is a 2D fighting game from Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon that seems to take the DC heroes part of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and turn it way past 11. It is a gorgeous, over the top free for all that pits DC’s top heroes vs their top […]

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E3 2012 Preview-Dishonored

  The nature of gaming being what it is, a lot of the things you see at E3 are sequels to something or are adaptations of a movie or book property. Look at the list of games that we covered and this becomes very apparent. Given this, when you come across a new IP that […]

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E3 2012 Preview-Hitman Absolution

Hitman is a series I have always been more interested in than actually played. I am not sure why as it seems right up my alley but I have never really played the games terribly much over the years but kept up with the storyline. After seeing a presentation and getting hands on with the […]

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E3 2012-Star Trek Preview

  As far as sci-fi properties go, Star Trek hasn’t really had a video game treatment that really nails it. In fact, it hasn’t had very many games that attempt to nail. For a property that has such a prolific and dedicated following, it is kind of amazing that more effort hasn’t been put into […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 4: Patrick’s E3 Exciting Extravaganza of Excellence.

Here we go with episode 4 of the Gentlemen Radio in which the Gentlemen discuss Patrick’s trip to E3. You can here him spill the beans on the stuff he saw before most of the written updates are on the site! That is how much the Gentlemen care. It is jam packed with all kinds […]

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E3 2012-Star Wars 1313 Preview

When I went to E3 this year I knew nothing at all about Star Wars 1313. The first I heard about it was a friend posting on my Facebook to see if I could get some information on it. The next time I noticed it pop up was on a screen as I walked by […]

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E3 Day 3 Summary

Often times on the third day of E3 things start to wind down a bit and things are marginally easier to get into as people start to shuffle off to their respective places of origins to settle into long hours of writing coverage or waiting around airplane terminals or whatever they have to do. This […]

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E3 Day 2 Summary

Day Two began on a much more positive note than Day One if only because I didn’t feel like I was legally dead. We still got a bit later of a start than we wanted and faced LA traffic on the freeway with a grim resolve. I really wanted to get to Capcom in time […]

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E3 2012 Day One Summary

I apologize that this is late but when I sat down to write it last night I believe god must have noticed I was awake in defiance of all his laws and put me down hard. In all honesty I did attempt the update but I forgot my email password, email, and, I think, everything […]

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Pre-E3 2012 Goodness

Normally I would have posted this the day before the show started but given that after I went to get my badge and took all of the following pictures I went on an adventure through Hollywood that put me in bed at 2:30am and I had to get up at 5:30am to make it to […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 3: 3D Coming Right At You

And we are back with the third show of the Gentlemen Radio. This episode the Gentlemen go after exploitative 3D and the ridiculous move of GI Joe from June 29th to March so they can ‘add conscientious 3D’ which probably really means ‘do reshoots with more Duke because Channing Tatum is blowing up right now.’ […]

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