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The Raid: Redemption Movie Review

Heavy on action and violence and very light on plot, The Raid: Redemption is not a film for everyone but if you are into non-stop martial arts, gun fights and melee weapon fights then you have most definitely come to the right place. The story, such as it is, follows 20 elite SWAT team members carrying […]

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Cabin in the Woods Movie Review

There is no way to write this review properly without revealing too much about the movie than you should know going in. For that reason I am just going to tell you to go see it, it is incredible, give my score and then, if you want to know my thoughts about it, you can […]

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Patrick’s 10 Most Anticipated Summer Movies 2012

It is that time again when we knock on the doorstep of the summer and see if the fun event movies can come out and play. Not generally awards season favorites, summer films promise spectacle and excitement like an amusement park ride complete with junk food and maybe some vomiting depending on how much shaky […]

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The Hunger Games Movie Review

Surely polarizing to fans of the book, The Hunger Games does a respectable job at adapting the source material despite several missteps that keep it from being truly great. Based on the massively popular book of the same name by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games gives us a horrifying future in which the country is divided into Districts which are forced […]

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Wrath of the Titans Movie Review

While never achieving anything that approaches great, Wrath of the Titans deftly surpasses the previous film and delivers the film the first one should have been. Taking place 1o years after the awful remake Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans finds that demi-god hero Perseus (Sam Worthington) has returned to the fisherman life […]

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American Reunion Movie Review

Despite some genuinely funny and true to form moments, American Reunion fails to recapture the magic of previous installments while managing to  eat itself by falling prey to the very lesson it is attempting to teach. It has been awhile since we have caught up with the gang from American Pie, a film that went a […]

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