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Saints Row 2 is more inspired than The Third

I finished the original Saints Row and Saints Row 2 and remember them both very fondly; I was excited when the hub-bub around The Third started to get rolling as the game looked like more over-the-top, don’t-take-your-too-seriously shenanigans that made 1 and 2 so much fun in the first place. When it came time to […]

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [ 10 out of 10] The fifth installment of the incredible Elder Scrolls franchise once again proves why this series is the gold standard for western RPGs. With an enormous amount of content and streamlined UI and tightened controls, Skyrim is head and shoulders the best game in the series and arguably the best […]

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The Muppets Movie Review

A perfect blend of music, comedy and nostalgia, the Muppets hits the sweet spot in delivering a movie that will deliver for adults and children alike. Written by Jason Segel and Nick Stoller, the Muppets is everything awesome about the Muppets in a fresh package. Walter (voiced by Peter Linz) has always felt like the […]

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Immortals Movie Review

With a bit more style than substance than I would have liked, the Immortals is still very successful at what it does and is definitely worth a look at a matinee. Immortals is a retelling of the myth of Theseus although it is much like any other movie based on Greek mythology in that a […]

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imgscalr 4.0 released – Optimal Java Image Scaling

imgscalr is an optimized, fault-tolerant and simple Java library used to resize, rotate, filter, crop or pad images. imgscalr implements the most optimal code-paths for these tasks as recommended by the Java2D team and internally works around a number of hidden JDK and even JVM bugs pertaining to image operations via the Java2D pipeline. imgscalr […]

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Steam Cannot Connect to Internet for Qwest DSL User: Steam.exe exception and Hung Updating

If you are a Qwest DSL subscriber using one of the Actiontec Q1000 models and in the last few days (around 11/11/11) you noticed that when you run Steam, it just hangs during Updating… and after a minute or so of waiting it pops up with a cryptic “Steam.exe (main exception): .. connect to the Internet“, even […]

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The Growing Divide in Ubuntu – Apple’s Methods meets Linux Community

This article is my opinion. Mark Shuttleworth is dragging Ubuntu (and by extension) Linux, kicking and screaming into the “design-first” world of computing lead by Apple. This progress requires that he, to some extent, ignore an entire community that has never prided itself on or been particularly good at design aesthetics. Ignoring such a community has… it’s […]

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Batman Arkham City (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [10 out of 10] The long awaited sequel to the excellent Batman Arkham Asylum, Arkham City sees an entire section of Gotham City annexed off to form a super prison led by Dr Hugo Strange, one of Batman’s more dangerous and oldest villains who also happens to know Batman’s secret identity. Weird things are […]

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