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Drive Movie Review

Drive is an interesting and engaging film that, while excellent, may suffer from marketing and viewer expectations. Driver(Ryan Gosling)  is a quiet man who’s generally spartan lifestyle is offset but two side jobs: Stunt driver for movies and getaway driver for criminals. He is very good at both and they are enough for him until he […]

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AWS Elastic Load Balancer sends 2 Million Netflix API Requests to Wrong Customer

What is it? If you are unfamiliar with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or their Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) service, ELB is a load-balancing service that you can use to spread incoming traffic across many different EC2 server instances. ELB, like all things in the AWS cloud, is a dynamic service that scales up and down […]

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Paranormal Activity 3 Movie Review

While it seems absolutely impossible, Paranormal Activity 3 is not at all a horrible piece of shit but it rather a creepy and engaging film that tops the first two efforts with an upped ante that doesn’t feel exploitative or redundant. I think I might hate the Paranormal Activity movies for just how much I end […]

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Dead Island (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [7.0 out of 10] Dead Island generated immediate buzz when its first trailer hit and news of the gameplay kept it going with what sounded like a fun and intense zombie survival experience. Playing the demo at E3 took it a step further and had us really excited for the release. The reality of […]

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Origin PC Launches AMD FX 8-Core 5Ghz Unlocked Desktop Monster

It looks like Origin PC may have beaten everyone to the punch with this Ghz-unlocked, 8-core AMD FX monster of a machine. I didn’t see any solid ship dates, but AMD’s release date for the Bulldozer architecture has been Q4 for a while now, so I imagine at some point between now and December we’ll […]

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Workout Program for People that Hate Working Out

The idea for this workout program dawned on me the other day as a way to slowly (very slowly) get into a fitness routine that you are meant to keep going the rest of your life. I was sick of training schedules and programs that were so extreme I could only keep them up for […]

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