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Duke Nukem Forever (PC) Review

Summary If you can appreciate Duke Nukem Forever for what it is, a game that should have come out 6 years ago, and stop expecting it to compete with modern shooters, you will get some enjoyment out of it, but there are still rough edges everywhere that will make playing it seem like a chore […]

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E3 2011 – XCOM High Res Screenshots

XCOM is a re-imaging of the franchise as a strategic FPS somewhat like Ghost Recon, but a much simpler interface and set in the 1960s during an alien invasion. You work for t a special faction of the government tasked with adapting and re-using the alien technology against the invading forces. During a private XCOM […]

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(Servlet 3.0) Using @MultipartConfig, but getParts() returns null

Setup You are trying to use the new getParts() method defined in the Servlet 3.0 spec to process your multipart/form-data HTTP-POST uploads without using Commons FileUpload. Your servlet looks something like this: @WebServlet("/image/*") @MultipartConfig(location="D:\\Temp", fileSizeThreshold=10, maxFileSize=10485760) public class ImageServlet extends APIServlet { } And your HTML looks something like this: <form action="image/upload.json?version=1.0" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="POST"> <input […]

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