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Limitless Movie Review

Limitless is a competent if fanciful thriller that brings a cyberpunk sensibility to a modern story that is held back by occasionally straying a bit to far over the line dividing science fiction and the absurd. Eddie Mora (Bradley Cooper) is a down on his luck writer who, after being dumped by his current girlfriend, […]

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Paul Movie Review

Paul is an enjoyable comedy by one of my favorite writer/actor pairs with a lot of pop culture and sci-fi references and a ton of laughs but is still missing a bit of the spark from their previous efforts. Paul tells the story of two British sci-fi fans taking a pilgrimage to America for the […]

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Cedar Rapids Movie Review

Cedar Rapids is a middling comedy that raises some interesting, if well worn, questions but stumbles a bit with the answering of them. Tim Lippe (Ed Helms) is a small town insurance salesman who has never left or done anything to really branch out. The only real excitement in his life is banging a teacher […]

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Sucker Punch Movie Review

Sucker Punch is brainless self-indulgent bullshit wrapped in  pseudo intellectual adolescent geek fever dreams made of a patchwork of sci-fi and fantasy nonsense. But the fight scenes are pretty cool. When Baby  Doll’s (Emily Browning) mother dies and leaves her and her little sister everything in the will, her step-father loses his shit a bit […]

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You Can’t Win an Argument with an Ibex

You probably say this already, I’m not sure, but it just sent my wife and I into laughing fits:

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Fenix PD30 R5 LED Flashlight Video Review

Introduction [8.5 out of 10] The Fenix PD30 (we reviewed the R5 revision) is a tactical, personal-sized super-flashlight. With a maximum output of 257 lumens on the highest setting (2hr runtime), durable shock and water-resistent design and varying modes of operation, the PD30 gets a strong recommendation from us for anyone wanting to get a […]

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How to Easily Resize Images in Mac OS X

Just to be clear, I feel super lame typing this tip up because it has had me stumped for a while and I never spent much time trying to figure it out. Ultimately I found myself typing “How to easily resize images on Mac” into Google more times than I am proud of. Well, I […]

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The Box Movie Review

Summary [9 out of 10] The Box was a poorly marketed Sci-Fi thriller based on a short story with (what I found) to be a great extension of the source material with a very creative and well-told Sci-Fi story of it’s own. I never got the impression from the trailers of the movie that it […]

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Battle: Los Angeles Movie Review

The second alien invasion movie in the past several months, Battle: Los Angeles is the real deal and makes Skyline look like a student film if that student could manage millions of dollars of special effects. Instead of focusing on self-absorbed douche bags doing stupid and boring things against ridiculous aliens after ridiculous things, Battle: […]

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The Adjustment Bureau Movie Review

If you can accept the central conceit of the movie, the Adjustment Bureau is a touching and thoughtful study of the nature of free will and the nature of love. It is also a compelling argument for the return of the fedora to mainstream use. David Norris (Matt Damon) is a politician with his eye […]

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Red Riding Hood Movie Review

Holy fucking shit. Sometimes there are movies so bad that it is honestly hard to know what exactly to write about. Things are so terrible that you don’t know where to start and the poor quality or abject lack of any quality at all can make it difficult to even describe. Red Riding Hood is […]

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Simple Java XML Parser (SJXP) 2.1 Released

Hot on the heals of the 2.0 release, SJXP 2.1 was released with the following changes: Fixed bug where isStartTag was always true for TAG type rules Removed use of enhanced for-loop in code base because it caused a large number of AbstractList$Itr classes to be created for no great reason. As always, head […]

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Simple Java XML Parser (SJXP) 2.0 Released

I am proud to scream from the top of my desk, directly at my closet, that Simple Java XML Parser (SJXP) 2.0 has just been released. The 2.0 release brings a huge performance boost over the 1.x series that decreases memory and CPU usage by an order of magnitude. Additionally, user object pass-through support was […]

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imgscalr Java Image-Scaling Library 3.1 Released

Announcement imgscalr 3.1, the high performance Java Image Scaling library was released. imgscalr’s focus has always been on simple, fast and correct image resizing in Java (an inherently convoluted subject with many different answers). The library itself consists of a single class (Scalr) and a series of thread-safe static methods used to scale an image. What is new […]

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Take Me Home Tonight Movie Review

Take Me Home Tonight is an earnest attempt at a throwback 80′s comedy that earns points for some laughs but ultimately crosses the line from homage to cliche. Matt Franklin (Topher Grace) is a disillusioned MIT graduate in 1988 who  finds himself terrified of the world and unsure of what to do for a living […]

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Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [8.0 out of 10] Dead Space 2 sees the return of Isaac Clarke who wakes up in a medical research facility as all hell breaks loose. Someone is there to rescue him but before he can even be cut free of his straight jacket his would be savior is savagely killed by an outbreak […]

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Killzone 3 Reload Bug with Playstation Sharpshooter

I used this title to help people that are Googling for this phrase like I was a few hours ago, good news, it is not a bug. The issue you are likely seeing (as I was) is that after every shot or couple of shots in Killzone 3 while using the new Playstation Sharpshooter, you […]

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W3 Total Cache: Import Media Library to CDN is Incomplete or Fails

We are current in the midst of moving 5 years worth of media to a CDN to help increase page-load speed and I have hit some bumps along the way that I want to write about incase anyone else is running into the same problems. I have used the WordPress cache plugin WP-SuperCache for something […]

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