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imgscalr Java Image-Scaling Library 3.0 Released!

I would like to give a big personal thanks to Magnus Kvalheim from for helping with one of the best features of this new release: BufferedImageOp support! Announcement imgscalr 3.0, the high performance Java Image Scaling library was released. imgscalr’s focus has always been on simple, fast and correct image resizing in Java (an […]

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New MacBook Pro Rumored to Use Hybrid SSD/HD Combo

BGR is reporting that Apple’s soon-to-be-announced MacBook Pro lineup refresh will include a larger glass trackpad and a hybrid SSD/spindle-based HD combo in the base models for the operating system. In the base models a small (8 or 16GB SSD) will be embedded in the computer to store and run the Mac OS X operating […]

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Why Faster-than-Light Travel is Impossible

Hacker News pointed me over at a question posted on reddit: Why exactly can nothing go faster than the speed of light? The poster pointing out that all the preliminary reading he’d done online hadn’t been able to truly answer that question; he would just see declarations of the fact or challenges to it, but […]

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Documentary on Minecraft

Minecraft is the brain-child of Markus “Notch” Persson of Mojang Specifications after having cut his teeth at his first open-world, build-anything game: Wurm Online. Both games are written in Java and as a Java developer and general fan of the language, I become interested in Wurm Online years ago, after their first alpha announcement. I […]

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Forever Alone Guy – High Resolution

I do this as a public service to everyone else on the internet that thinks the 4chan creations like the “Forever alone guy” are absolutely hilarious; here is a high-resolution version of that guy if you need him for any edits you are creating yourself: I don’t know what is actually drawing these memes over […]

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US Navy Creates Super-Laser

I didn’t realize the Navy was in the business of creating lasers, but apparently they are. Slashdot reports that: The US Navy has broken the existing record for the power of a laser. Their new free-electron laser can burn through 20 feet of steel per second. ‘Next up for the tech: additional weaponization. The Navy just […]

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Thoughts on Finishing Killzone 2

Whenever the sequel to a big-budget game comes out, and I haven’t played the original, I try and make the time to go back and play it just so I can figure out what is going on. That happened with Crysis this week (in preparation of Crysis 2) and Killzone 2 (in preparation for Killzone […]

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imgscalr Java Image-Scaling Library 2.1 Released

Hot on the heels of the 2.0 release, imgscalr just made a 2.1 release which includes a very important enhancement that improves the visual quality of the resize operations across all the different Methods (SPEED, BALANCED or QUALITY). For some technical background on the issue, Java2D does not support all image types equally and working […]

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My Thoughts on Finishing the Original Crysis

My Thoughts on Finishing the Original Crysis

SPOILER WARNING: I am discussing my thoughts on finishing Crysis (finally) so spoilers will be present. I bought Crysis a year or so after it came out via EA’s online store and as much media as I had consumed before the game’s release, I was still blown away by the graphics. I played the game […]

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Dell Rumored to Buy AMD

Dell Rumored to Buy AMD

If you are into rumors (omg Snooki is pregnant!) then you might be interested to know that rumors are about that Dell might be interested in buying AMD. Considering that AMD produces: Server processors (Opteron) Desktop processors (Phenom) GPUs (ATI branch) Integrated CPU/GPU processors (Fusion series) and will soon be producing mobile-based, integrated solutions to […]

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Windows 7 Delete from NAS Lagged by Network

I am not sure how “delete” is implemented in Windows 7 exactly, but my experience thus far with it on local resources has been something like: First, count the total number of files to be deleted before deletion begins, even if this takes 10 mins. Instead of erasing the files, take 10 mins to count […]

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Crysis 2 on Xbox 360 Looks Excellent

If there is one thing the launch and subsequent existence of the Xbox 360 and PS3 have taught me: Impressive specs mean very little. You could say the Nintendo Wii and gaming on the iPhone showed us that, but I would argue that with all the chest-puffing Sony did over the PS3 and eventual graphical […]

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