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QN: imgscalr Java Image-Scaling Library 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 of the imgscalr Java image-scaling library has been released. This release matures the library, tightens up every area that could get tightened up and adds some new features: * API-break: resize(BufferedImage, Method, int, int, boolean, boolean) was removed and replaced by resize(BufferedImage, Method, int, int). * DEBUG system variable added; set ‘imgscalr.debug’ to true […]

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Looking for Self Storage? Try Storitz!

I am posting this because I think as we continue to accumulate an inhuman amount of stuff into our lives, the use of self-storage facilities just gets more and more frequent. is trying to make the process of finding and renting a unit a much smoother process than using Google Maps to simply find a […]

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How to See "Closed" GitHub Issues by Label

How to See “Closed” GitHub Issues by Label

GitHub’s issue-tracker is solid. It is easy to understand, easy to use and easy on the eyes. Unfortunately while trying to create a handy changelog link for the 1.2 release of imgscalr I noticed that GitHub doesn’t allow you to search Closed issues by label, only Open issues: I spent a while reading through the […]

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QN: imgscalr Java Image-Scaling Library 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of the imgscalr Java image-scaling library has been released. This release makes the library easier to use, accessible from the new The Buzz Media Maven repository and improved the logic used to determine the proportionally-scaled width and height for images depending on their orientation (LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT). For download links, Javadoc, source code […]

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UPenn GRASP Lab Robots Assemble a Building

A “quadrotor” (or “quadricopter”) is a 4-rotor miniature helicopter robot that has become quite popular recently, entering the mainstream with the launching of the AR.Drone iPhone-controlled quadrotor last year that we saw everywhere from personal blogs to CollegeHumor sketches. The University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Laboratory have created a group of hive-mind-esque quadrotors outfitted with grabbing devices […]

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At Home with Cats Web Series

I make it no secret that I have cats. I used to hate cats, but 7.5 years ago my wife asked dropped a bomb on me when she asked if we could get a cat. I thought it over for about a day and figured her happiness was worth more to me than my disdain for cats, […]

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QN: Thunderstorms Proven to Burst Anti-matter Into Space

Using the Fermi Gamma-ray-detecting satellite, NASA has detected the creation and explosion of positrons (anti-matter) into space from the top side of thunderstorms occurring on the Earth’s surface: Fermi is designed to monitor gamma rays, the highest energy form of light. When antimatter striking Fermi collides with a particle of normal matter, both particles immediately […]

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QN: Google Goggles Used to Solve Sudoku Puzzles

From the “cool tech” files it looks like Google Goggles image-recognition and backend AI is comprehensive enough to solve tricky Sudoku puzzles for you now by simply taking a picture of the playing sheet: If you are not familiar with Google Goggles, it is essentially image-based searching using your cell phone; snap a picture of […]

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QN: Cross-Browser CSS Coding Tips

Smashing Mag has an absolutely excellent article on the most important aspects of CSS (box model, floats, inline vs block, etc.) as well as the cross-browser compatibility issues. The presentation is straight forward, well diagramed and really easy to digest. If you are a web developer, even if you are decent with CSS, give it […]

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SFW: Porn Reveals the Truth about Men and Women

This article is safe for work; I am just pointing you to another article over at The Atlantic that might be NSFW just because of language. The article is called “Hard Core” by Natasha Vargas-Cooper. It is a lengthy piece, looking at how pornography (in its infinitely distributed form since the internet-explosion) gives us a […]

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QN: Things You Might Not Know About jQuery

jQuery is a very popular JavaScript library used to make writing JavaScript-enabled sites easier; handy shortcuts and pre-defined functions that do popular things and all. David Flanagan (author of jQuery Pocket Reference) has put together 5 tips about jQuery that you most likely didn’t know. My favorite one is the use of namespaces when it […]

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Xbox 360 250GB Hard Drive – $70

From Dealsea (I felt compelled to post this because I paid something like $130 for my 120GB hard drive a year and a half ago) Microsoft Xbox 360 X16-38655-01 250GB Hard Drive Upgrade Kit $70, Jan 05 Circuit City (a TigerDirect company) has Microsoft Xbox 360 X16-38655-01 250GB Hard Drive Upgrade Kit for $69.99 with free […]

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QN: NVIDIA Enters the CPU Market with ARM-Based CPU/GPU

Project “Denver” is NVIDIA’s code-name for their entry into the CPU market (yes, the one dominated by Intel and AMD) with a combination CPU/GPU ARM-based chip. ARM-based chips have recently exploded in the mobile/smart-phone space and NVIDIA has decided to compete against the x86 powerhouses that are AMD and Intel with an offering in the […]

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QN: OCZ Vertex 3 SSDs – 500 MB/sec Speed

OCZ has just announced the release of their Vertex 3 lineup of SSDs for consumers and enterprise customers. The specs you see above are from the Vertex 3 Pro which is their consumer SSD based on the SandForce SF-2000 series controller. Many have been waiting for SF-2000 series based drives since the controller was announced […]

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Introducing “QN” or “Quick News”

I would like to introduce a new feature to the site: Quick News, or more specifically stories prefixed with “QN”. In WordPress terminology, this will be any story tagged with the “Quick News” tag. There are frequently stories that we want to cover to make you guys aware of that we don’t, because the story […]

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