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Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone Review

Introduction Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone is the first release of a 4-part movie remake of the seminal Noen Genesis Evangelion anime series known as Rebuild of Evangelion. Yes, you just read that right. The Evangelion series is actually getting rewritten and remade in the form of a planned 4 movies, the first 3 […]

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Stop Companies from Tracking You with the Disconnect Chrome Extension

Most browsers provide a “Private” or “Anonymous” mode, but as some users have found out even in those modes browsers are still allowing companies to set Cookies that are used to track your location online. Some of the biggest offenders of location-tracking are Facebook, Google, Twitter and other mega-social news sites like Digg who’s socialization […]

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imgscalr – Java Image Scaling Library Released

imgscalr – Java Image Scaling Library Released

If you have ever wanted to quickly rescale an image in Java you have probably noticed the following confusing things: There seem to be something like 9 different ways to do this: Image.getScaledInstance(), Graphics.drawImage(), Graphics2D.drawImage(…), BufferImageOps, AffineTransforms and don’t forget Java Advanced Imaging API. Which one are you suppose to use? Which one performs the […]

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Coupling (Original BBC TV Series) is on Hulu

If your knowledge of the TV show “Coupling” is limited to the US attempted remake of the BBC classic, then you owe it to yourself to watch the original series. Fortunately Hulu has your back as the original BBC series is now available in it’s entirety (which unfortunately was only 3 great series and a […]

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Pop Music Rewritten in Orchestral Scores

What happens when you take your favorite pop songs (whether it be Bad Romance or Living on a Prayer) add a talented and passionate orchestra musician (Walt Ribeiro) then put the whole thing in the oven and bake it? You get For Orchestra. Walt, with the help of a passionate music community, has combined his […]

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When Parents Text

Let’s face it, it is Christmas week and if you are still in the office you are probably just browsing the web until Christmas Eve. I am. Anyway, Kris Morton wants you to be happy and sent in a link to a great time-wasting humor site that seems to be the new fad of collecting […]

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Chrome Dev Adds Support for ICC v2 Color Profiles

Grant Gochnauer sends in news that Chrome Dev (the development branch of Google’s Chrome browser) just added support for ICC v2 Color Profiles. You can enable the new functionality using the –enable-monitor-profile command line argument when launching the Chrome browser, for example: C:\[PATH]\chrome.exe –enable-monitor-profile Let the graphic folk out there rejoice, you now have another […]

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Digg Traffic Continues to Fall

On August 25, 2010 Digg launched “Digg v4”; version 4 of the social networking site. Digg v4 fundamentally changed how the site functioned for its users leading to a long series of backlashes against the site. By the end of September the bugs in the Digg v4 system had been worked and the articles about […]

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Anonymous Chatting on Omegle is Risky Business

Omegle is an interesting social experiment: anonymous chat with random strangers online, much like Chatroulette. My own experiences with these services have usually been less than enlightening, but always entertaining. Here is a recently conversation I had with someone that was spiritually, a much deeper conversation than I expected to have: Occasionally you hit gold […]

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Desktop Tower Defense + Unreal Engine + iPad

Trendy Entertainment is set to bring one of the most beautiful renditions of the Tower Defense gameplay mechanic to the iPad soon with Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. Like the much-ballyhooed “Infinity Blade” title that just came out for iPad, DD: First Wave uses the Unreal engine and brings with it some stellar looking graphics to the […]

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Transformers 3 Trailer Looks Awesome

I like the Transformers series. 1 was cool, 2 was a nice big-action/big-humor followup that I actually enjoyed quite a bit. Dave Bullock just sent along a heads up that the teaser trailer for #3 (due out July of ’11) has been released and damn, I love the Apollo mission/Dark side of the moon tie-in. […]

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