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Halo Reach (XBox 360) Review

Summary [ If you are a Halo fan: 9.0 out of 10. If you are a fan of Shooters: 6.5 out of 10. If you like Good Games : 5.5 out of 10] Halo Reach is the final Bungie effort in the series that put the Xbox on the map. People were looking to this […]

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Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps Movie Review

Set 23 years after the original Wallstreet, Oliver Stone delivers his first ever sequel and brings film villain icon Gordon Gekko back with him. From the trailers I was worried that it would be a rehash of the original storyline but Stone updates the concept for modern times and the world of finance is a […]

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I’m Still Here Movie Review

I’m Still Here is a very odd, very disappointing film. It is a mockumentary based on the premise that actor Joaquin Phoenix has a core meltdown and quits the movie business for a hip hop career. In order to make this movie Borat/Bruno style, Phoenix went deep into character perpetuating a hoax that lasted from […]

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OtterBox iPhone 4 Defender Series Case Review

Introduction OtterBox has been in the phone case-making business for a while, producing a case fit for just about any phone out there (Samsung, Dell, Google, HTC, LG, Motorola… you name it). Today we are looking at the “Defender Series” case for the iPhone 4. NOTE: My appologies for the iPhone 2G in the shots […]

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PlayStation Move Review (including Video Review)

Introduction The PlayStation Move is Sony’s move in the “motion controller” arena going up against the entrenched Nintendo Wii and the upcoming camera-only based Kinect from Microsoft for the Xbox 360. We’ve put the PlayStation Move through it’s paces, making sure to try and focus on the controller’s functionality and not so much the video […]

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Devil Movie Review

When the trailer for Devil was shown before the midnight show of Scott Pilgrim, the audience seemed to be marginally engaged until the words ‘From the Mind of M. Night Shyamalan’ came on the screen and the whole place groaned. First film in the Night Chronicles, a project that hands Shyamalan stories off to other […]

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The Room Movie Review

This is more of a retro review as the movie was released in 2003 and it is a review only in the academic sense. There will be a score and I will discuss its attributes but in this case the score doesn’t reflect whether or not you should see it. The reason for this is […]

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The Town Movie Review

I have always wanted to see movie about elite bank robbers who are actually elite. Not elite until the second act of the movie when they make stupid mistakes, involve the wrong people or go psycho for no good reason, but really elite. Like they pull off their robberies with such precision that catching them […]

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If You Are Scared of Heights, Beware. If You Aren’t, You Will Be

Marc Chung originally sent this in as a YouTube link from the dude who originally posted it. Unfortunately the corporate lawyers got a hold of it and didn’t like him showing video of what his friend’s job actually consists of, so it was pulled along with a bullshit explanation as to why (Thanks to Tom […]

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Tom Kelley Lecture “Treat Life as an Experiment”

This is a lecture by Tom Kelley titled “Treat Life as an Experiment”. The crux of Kelley’s is lecture is to not be afraid to fail by approaching the challenges and new experiences in life with the attitude of a scientist doing an experiment. Kelley gives a good example of picking up a book at […]

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Amazon AWS Team Announces Official “Amazon Linux” AMIs

The Amazon Web Services team has announced the release of the first officially maintained “Amazon Linux” OS images (AMI) for their EC2 virtual compute platform. The images are actively maintained by the Amazon AWS team and are modified versions a CentOS or Fedora core (unspecified) that are bare-bones and specifically optimized to run on AWS. […]

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Emails From an A**hole Book Review

Emails from an Asshole: Real People Being Stupid is the book form of the hilariously ingenious (and simple) website by John Lindsay: I only became aware of Emails from an Asshole (I will refer to this as EFAA from now on) after completing my read-through of Sh*t My Dad Says and enjoying it quite […]

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FourSquare Mayor Checkin Program w/ Source Code

Update #2: This application now has an official software product page with all the links for download, usage and source code. If you just want to download the program and run it, scroll down the Download section below. Thanks! Background A few weeks ago we wrote about Mayank Lahiri’s working FourSquare checkin hack that allowed […]

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Nintendo 3DS Has Some Decent 3D Chops

Nintendo recently leaked some 3DS screenshots to Japanese media in preparation for the upcoming launch of the 3DS in Japan (in the US we will have to wait until likely March timeframe). While you cannot experience any of the awesomeness that is the 3D effect on the 3DS, you can get an idea of the […]

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T-Mobile G2 Pre-orders: Radio Shack, Costco and Best Buy

If you are getting yourself a T-Mobile G2, be aware of the following: Radio Shack is selling it w/ 2 year contract for $150 Best Buy is selling it w/ 2 year contract for $199 Costco will sell it, but the price with a 2-year contract hasn’t been announced yet. In all cases the price […]

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T-Mobile myTouch HD – Dual Core, Android 2.2, Video Chat on “Largest” 4G Network

TMoNews scooped a marketing flyer from T-Mobile extolling the virtues of the upcoming “myTouch HD“, a phone so spec’ed out on paper that we want to either marry it, or be seriously concerned about it’s battery life. Highlights include: HSPA+ (4G) Support “Screen Share” (Possibly referring to mini-HDMI out?) “Driving Mode”, Phone will read out […]

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Alternative iPhone App Stores Merge into Mega Jailbroken App Store

Jailbroken iPhone users rejoice: the two largest unofficial iPhone app-stores haves merged after Cydia acquired popular rival Rock Your Phone. In order to experience the new merged app store you don’t need to change anything you do, simply login to Cydia and their app catalog has been expanded to include all the app offerings from Rock […]

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Grace (2009) Movie Review

Summary Grace is dark, moody, subtle, intelligent and above all, horrifying. Paul Solet has managed to put together a horror movie with a cast so talented and characters so well acted in this soup of subtle, magnetic misery that this film’s “horror” doesn’t come from overt use of gore, but rather disturbing imagery that is […]

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The Haunted: Hell’s Reach Gory, Awesome, Action Extravaganza

The Haunted: Hells Reach is the winner of this year’s “Make Something Unreal” contest put on by Epic where they challenge small teams to make something awesome using the Unreal engine with the commercial opportunity of taking the winning entries further. The Haunted looks like an over the top gory mess of zombie/vampire awesomeness with […]

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Mafia II (Xbox 360) Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Giveaway Complete – Congrats to GJ for Winning a Free copy of Mafia 2! Free Mafia II (Xbox 360) Giveaway That’s right, we are giving away a free copy of Mafia II for the Xbox 360! If you’d like to try and win it, here’s how: Leave a comment below explaining why you should win […]

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iPhone Jailbreakers & Unlockers: How to Backup your “SHSH Blobs” with TinyUmbrella

What is an SHSH blob? SHSH blobs or ECID SHSH is a unique identifier from Apple for a device. When you attempt a restore, iTunes authenticates the device to Apples server, and cross references the firmware you are trying to install to the recommended version. If the firmware you are attempting to install is not […]

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Resident Evil: Afterlife Movie Review

As far as the Resident Evil games are concerned, I am a huge fan. Movies? Not so much. I liked the first one despite its flaws and the second half of the second movie was okay. The last one blew. The trailers for Resident Evil: Afterlife looked kind of promising with the addition of Chris […]

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IMDB, What’s Going on With Your Scores?

This post has been brewing in me for 3 years; the first time I noticed a guaranteed-bad movie on release weekend with an above-8.0 score on IMDB and hundreds of votes. I thought to myself at first “No way… how is that possible?” then I thought “Shit… I guess that movie is better than I […]

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Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Set to Become Movies & TV Series

New York reports that the long-rumored, fan-craved movie adaption of the 7-book The Dark Tower series from Stephen King is finally going to happen; and in an incredible large scale way. We reported almost 3 years ago that The Dark Tower movie has been green-lit and at the time JJ Abrams had been confirmed as coming […]

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