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Cribs Aren’t Just For Babies, Anymore.

Teen crib. As I await the power calls from the folks that are going to be moving and shaking me into a brand new tax bracket, I have been pissing my day away watching what may be the single most hope-effacing show on television. Teen Cribs. Why am I watching Teen Cribs?  Because it was […]

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Updated Xbox 360 Controller (D-Pad) Coming Nov 9 – $65

It is getting expensive to be an Xbox 360 user. Days after Microsoft announced increased pricing for Xbox Live memberships, they announce a new Xbox 360 controller with a new and improved D-Pad (pictured above). Big ups to Chris Hunkele for the news on this one. Some of the changes you’ll notice: Colored buttons are […]

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Digg v4 is a Mess

I’ve been using Digg v4 for the last 30 mins and here is what I’ve discovered so far: The “Report a bug” doesn’t exist I don’t have permission to read the FAQ 4 of the story links on the “My Top News” widget go to 404 pages, server error pages or “This story is not […]

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Why Women Bodybuilders Should Not Take Steroids

How do we follow this story up with this one? It’s the way of the universe… the Ying and the Yang… the Pro and the Con… the Penis and the Vagina… or in this case: Chicks with Dicks It’s long been rumored that in order to compete at the professional level of bodybuilding you have […]

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Takers Movie Review

Takers is a film that is far more about style than substance. This style is often cold and unconvincing but it does deliver workable performances and some truly cool action scenes. Also, it is awfully blue. Takers is a pretty standard heist movie about a highly skilled team of thieves who are being pursued by […]

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The Last Exorcism Movie Review

Exorcism movies scare me. I have a real problem with them for some reason. While I believe that possession is most often if not always just the effects of a psychological disorder like paranoid schizophrenia or a combination of several psychoses working together, the concept of it scares the crap out of me. So I […]

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Trailers For Sale Or Rent…

So, I received in my email what I think may actually be the new low in paranormal exploitation.  Forget everything about charging for investigations – I’ve yet to meet the group that actually DOES that, and if I did, I would simply point and laugh.  The tables have now turned, and instead of the ubiquitous […]

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Patrick’s Paranormal Drama Manifesto or Holy Shit He’s Gone All Jerry Maguire

It is no secret to longtime readers of the site (or even short time readers for that matter) that Katie and I write books about the paranormal, specifically ghosts and haunted places. We’ve been doing this for about three years and in that time have completed three books and are in the middle of a […]

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Gay Marriage Debate Coming to a Head… Literally

I don’t intend anything actually helpful in this post with regards to gay marriage, just something to make you smile that Matt Young sent in. The chart you see above is from a post over at FiveThirtyEight where they charted the public opinion poll results on supporting/opposing gay marriage since 1988. Obviously you can see […]

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Long Tailed Macaque Monkey Adopts Kitten in Wild

Laurence Hartje sent in a link to a Telegraph article where a long tailed macaque was caught on camera by a visitor to the Monkey Forest Park in Bali, cradling, caring for, protecting and generally loving on a kitten. The monkey is protective of the kitten, carrying around and shielding it from the attention of […]

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Project Lombok – Never Write Boilerplate Java Code Again

(Click to enlarge) If you read our recent article about Java 7 getting automatic resource management and were excited to never write boilerplate again, you need to try out Project Lombok. Project Lombok (created by Reinier Zwitserloot and Roel Spilker) is a annotation processor compiler plugin for javac that provides a handful of very focused […]

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Java 7 Gets try-with-resources Support (Automatic Resource Management)

Java 7 is adding support for a new try-with-resources code-block construct that allows the runtime environment to automatically manage closeable resources for you; e.g. streams. What originally started with a proposal in February of 2009 from Joshua Bloch for try-catch blocks to add the ability to automatically manage resources, eventually turned into a modification to […]

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Australian Mom Brings Baby Back to Life After 2hrs of Loving Embrace

Pictured above is Kate Ogg, her husband David and her lifeless baby son who was born premature at 27 weeks (~6.5 months) weighing 2lbs back in March 2010 in Sydney. Ogg’s son was born along-side twin sister Emily, but after 20 mins of struggling, doctors were unable to get the little boy breathing successfully and declared […]

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Funny Video: Jon Gabrus Job Interview Goes South Thanks to Facebook

If you are fans of College Humor (we are) then you have likely seen Jon Gabrus in videos here and there. His newest Funny or Die video with Dominic Dierkes is up and I thought it was awesome. Enjoy:

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MPEG LA Clarifies AVC License: No Royalties for Free Internet Video

MPEG LA, the owners of the patents around the AVC/H.264 video codec, had previously stated that all free online video published using the AVC/H.264 codec would be free from royalties through December 31, 2015. Understandably this had a lot of people up in arms that this protection may drop and they suddenly be exposed to […]

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Netflix iPhone App Released

In an effort to become the first company in the world that literally has no downside to owning a subscription, Chris Hunkele sends in news that Netflix has released their official iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app today. Preliminary streaming results show that the app is really intended to be used over WiFi as 3G gives […]

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AJAX SHA-1/256/384/512 Hash Generator Released

In addition to the other handy AJAX-enabled utilities we released, we’ve just added a SHA (1, 256, 384 and 512) generator utility to the collection. Enjoy!

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Slick JavaScript Color Picker Utility

I find myself on Google searching for “color picker“s a lot more often than I ever thought I would; you really never anticipate how often you want to double-check how a color looks, or what it’s hex code is when you are messing with CSS. Dion Almaer tweeted a link to a great JavaScript color […]

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How to Add Page-Link Tag (Multiple Page Post / nextpage) Support to WordPress

If you have been trying to figure out how to add support for multi-page posts in WordPress that have pagination buttons at the end of each page that look like this: then look no further than this post! The screenshot you see above is actually the exact pagination style we use for long posts that […]

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Dish Network Launches Video Streaming Service with Help from Hulu

Dish Network understands what it is going to take to compete with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Rentals and Apple’s revamped iTV (previously Apple TV); Welcome Dish Online. The Landscape is Changing As more and more people move to streaming online to chop down on their cable bill, one of two things are absolutely going […]

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How to Stop Windows HTPC From Powering off While Media Center Extender is Streaming

Do you have a Windows 7 Media Center HTPC that you are streaming content from to additional Media Center Extender devices (e.g. Xbox 360 somewhere else in the house) and want to find out a way to have the HTPC not turn itself off when you hit the power button if it’s still in-use by […]

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CNET apos’ing All Over The Place

In a rare show of grammatical prowess, CNet show’s off its new Apostrophe this morning!

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Duke Nukem Forever Revived by Gearbox

Rumors are about that Duke Nukem Forever has been revived and is under active development by Gearbox Software, creators of Borderlands. Turns out Take Two had already given Gearbox Software a $2.5 million advance earlier in the year to begin work on a Duke-inspired spin off series of games titled Duke Begins. Collecting the Duke […]

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IEEE Working on Alternative DRM Approach

Technology Review has a piece covering some shifting in the industries understanding and application of DRM; namely that the days of railroading customers with products that won’t work and then not offer refunds will hopefully come to pass in the coming years. Ferdinand Schober, grad student previously at Microsoft who worked on the Halo and […]

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