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I’ll See Your CUTENESS, and Raise You an ADORABLE.

Yeah.  You have already gone completely candy-ass, haven’t you?

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More Unadulterated Cute

In light of our recent political views on cute we decided to feature two new additions to the site: Heidi and Taz. They belong to Laurence Hartje and spend a good portion of their day doing what fuzzy cats do… be cute:

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Transformers: War for Cybertron (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [8.0 out of 10] Filling in the back story of why the Transformers had to leave their home world, War for Cybertron fits snugly into the official cannon of Generation 1. The ten chapter campaign gives you five chapters from the Decepticon point of view and five chapters from the Autobot point of view […]

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Knight and Day Review

The experience of watching Knight and Day, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz is sort of like eating cotton candy at the fair. It is tasty and you enjoy it but then it dissolves in your mouth and disappears. The movie is fun and light and dissolves right about the time you walk out of […]

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The A-Team (2010) Review

Right off the bat, the A-Team is over the top, absurd, cheesy and ridiculous. It is also one of the most accurate adaptations ever and the most fun I have had at the movies all summer. Frankly if you think the movie is too unrealistic and cheesy then you were obviously not a fan of […]

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The Real Housewives of the Paranormal. First, I love Teresa, and I really wanted to use this now famous picture of her, right before flipping that table, to illustrate the intensity of the ongoing DRAMA, which will henceforth be referred to as Paratardation.  As you will all recall, a few weeks back I posted a […]

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What I Learned at E3

Things I Learned About Going to E3 My first E3 was quite the experience. I prepared as best I could but there are some things that just don’t occur to you until you are there. Some of them are things that you wouldn’t think of because you don’t know what is going to happen and […]

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E3 Statues and Oddities

A lot of sights do Booth Babe features but instead of feeling like a sex-starved lech on the show floor I thought I would take a tour of the impressive statues and crazy things E3 has to offer. Walking around it almost gets to a point where these thing s seem normal until you come […]

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E3 Short Previews

Closing in on the end of my E3 coverage I have a few more games I managed to get some hands on time with but there isn’t much to put into a preview. So here are the short videos and impressions. Here goes. Crackdown 2 The gameplay feels a lot like the first game with […]

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E3 Mortal Kombat Preview

Taking its cue from Capcom’s recent back to basics approach to fighting games, Mortal Kombat is returning to its roots. This means 2D gameplay rendered with 3D graphics and a whole lot of violence and gore. This new return to form for Mortal Kombat was not playable at the show and the presentation was a […]

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Toy Story 3 – SPOILER ALERT!!!!

I don’t even know that I would call this entry a proper review, since – although I stated “spoiler alert” – I really don’t want to pick the movie apart scene by scene, but rather just talk about what a great time you’ll have seeing the movie.  Right off the bat, the only glaring inconsistency […]

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E3 Xbox Kinect VS Playstation Move: My Impressions

Going in to E3 2010 motion control was a big question mark. After three years of Waggleware from Nintendo’s Wii both Microsoft and Sony promised something better as they each jumped into the fray with their new tech. Both Microsoft’s controller free Kinect and Sony’s wand and navigation noreallythiswasn’tatallbasedonthewiiremoteandnunchuckatalldon’tyourememberwemade-funofthatgoofyshitwhenthePS3cameout based Move were covered in the […]

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Would You Give This Person a Gun?

It’s not uncommon to see this lively and ambiguously-gendered firecracker flitting about town wearing  fairy wings, striped tights, and roller skates.  Perhaps you’ve even seen Matilda pedaling along on a bicycle wearing stiletto heels and a Bob Mackie gown.  Suzy Sparkles may look crazy, but this free-spirited artist has the same rights as anyone else in this state, regardless of appearance.  […]

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BoneTown – Yep, That’s a Name of a Game

What was I to do this morning when I was minding my own business, preparing my sermon that I read to homeless children, when I received the following email in my inbox: Hope all is well. I thought you might be interested in checking out an over-the-top and hilarious video game, BoneTown, by D-Dub Software. […]

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This is Why I Hate Digg

As a small time publisher Digg drives me crazy. The idea behind Digg is that “the people” will decide which content is important and which isn’t by voting on stories. I think this designed likely worked exactly as intended for the first month Digg went live and has since turned into a political dance of […]

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Gratuitous Cuteness.

Cuteness.  Because I can. 

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iPhone 3G iOS 4 Jailbreak and Carrier Unlock Guide

IMPORTANT: Due to changes in iTunes 9.2+ iOS verification model, you have to backup your “SHSH blob” first before continuing. Fortunately we have a dead-easy step-by-step guide for you guys. Once you are done, come back and continue. Welcome to the world’s first iPhone iOS 4 Jailbreak and Carrier unlock guide. Let’s just dig right […]

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Happiness is Not a Disease

This literally just dawned on me while watching TV 5 mins ago and I felt compelled to step in here and write it up… I think the ultimate argument against the legalization of drugs is to look at the fast-food industry and what it has done to us. In this paper I use “fast food” […]

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E3 Rock Band 3 Preview

E3 was big this year with a ton of awesome games to see and a lot to be excited about. For me the top of that excitement heap was far and away Rock Band 3. With news of a new instrument and play mechanics that could teach you how to actually play it sounded like […]

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Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Preview

After waiting an hour and a half for my 1o minutes of hands on time my excitement for this new Zelda had started to fade. The constant drone of the theme music and the inane chatter from the two guys behind me put me in a fairly surly disposition by the time I got up […]

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PickFu – A Great Way to Get Instant Feedback for Simple Questions

Opinions are like… well you know the saying. That is why you’d never think getting opinions on an idea on the internet would be a problem; believe it or not, it actually is. Getting people to throw racial slurs at you or tell you that they hate you is pretty easy, but getting valuable, focused […]

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Samsung TV Capacitor “Clicking” Issue and Free Repair

If you have a Samsung LCD TV and are experiencing a growing number of startup issues with it or weird sounds, this post is for you. Many users on AVSForums have reported experiencing delayed starts, “clicking” sounds, and eventually having the Samsung TVs stop being able to power on. This apparently is being caused by […]

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E3 Videos!

These are videos I took while walking around but I didn’t play myself so I don’t have a full preview to write on them. I will include my impressions after each video. Some are better than others and most are really short snippets of gameplay. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Multi-player. I didn’t get to play this […]

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Twilight… for Men

Big thanks goes out to Brian Fernandes for this link to a chat log of someone that has invented “Twilight for Men”: <Crispy`> my friend is making my other friend’s girlfriend rage on facebook by arguing with her about how Twilight is the dumbest shit ever <Crispy`> so I created Twilight for Men. <Crispy`> government […]

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