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Dealing with Facebook Privacy Issues

If you are on Facebook (that was addressed to all 130 million of you) and you aren’t happy with the changes Facebook has been making to the privacy settings in order to best expose your information to advertisers, don’t worry, they are on your side… sort of. I got a kick out of this: (Click […]

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Tommy Carruthers – Incredibly Fast Fighter

For those of you that are fans of martial arts you’ve probably watched all the Bruce Lee “speed” videos on YouTube where you can see how fantastically fast Lee is. This is a video of Tommy Carruthers that looks to be pretty damn fast as well when demoing strikes: Watching another compilation video of his though […]

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Finding and Removing Hidden WordPress Hacks

I’ve run a handful of WordPress sites over the last 4 years and half of them have gotten hacked at one time or another. The hacks were always of the “Put a hidden IFRAME in the WordPress page/theme files” type that end up hosting/serving spyware/malware from my sites. This inevitably leads to the black-listing by […]

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The Ultimate Email Regular Expression

Regular Expressions (regex) – damnable little expressions written in seemingly non-sense notations used by software developers to extract value from text. At least that is what they look like on the outside… One of the most popular uses of regex’s by programmers is to validate information typed into forms on web pages, like email addresses. Actually, validating […]

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Web Comics That Will Make you Laugh-Poop

If you enjoy yourself an occasional web comic and tend towards the new style of unnecessarily childish-drawings with over the top dialog you’ll really enjoy Matthew Inman’s “The Oatmeal” or Allie Brosh’s “Hyperbole and a Half“. A few of my favorite The Oatmeal comics are “Why We Should Be Eating Horses Instead of Riding Them” […]

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Ardi Rizal: The 2-year-old Smoking Baby

Thanks (I think?) to Preston Lee for sending in a link to a story by The Sun about Ardi Rizal, a 2-year-old addicted to smoking after his father gave him his first cigarette to try at 18-months. I’ll let you digest that first sentence… Ardi’s mom, Diana Rizal (26), “weeps” that her child is addicted […]

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Funny Opera Browser Speed Test

I suppose Google put together a Rube-Goldberg “speed test” of the Chrome browser and Opera decided to 1-up them with what I found a hugely entertaining and funny “Opera Browser vs a Potato” speed test video. A lot of what I found to be gold about this video was that it’s more like an SNL […]

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WordPress Posts to FaceBook Fan Page

There are a few WordPress plugins out there (e.g. WordBook) that help you cross-post your WordPress blog posts to your FaceBook Wall, but in our case (and other’s) you want to cross-post your WordPress posts to your FaceBook Fan page, and not the wall. But how do you do that? onecoolsitebloggingtips has 5 excellent tips […]

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Lost... so Lost...

Lost… so Lost…

Update #2: There is an excellent description of what the show was all about in Update #2 Cont below… NOTE: This post contains Lost spoilers. If you haven’t watched the last episode yet, please be aware of that and continue reading at your own risk. NOTE #2: I’m super-cereal guys, this post contains spoilers about […]

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Optimizing WordPress Page-Load Pauses with PHP-CGI

For the last 6-months I’ve been trying to deal with mysterious “page load pause” issues with WordPress on my Apache/prefork/mod_php setup. Server load was low, hardware was a 4GB 2-core machine, spent 4 months of that time tweaking MaxClients and other Apache prefork settings until I finally gave up. The behavior I was seeing is hitting […]

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Shit My Dad Says Twit-Com Blowing Up

I heard on yesterday that the entertainingly original Twitter account “Shit my Dad Says” is currently the hottest Pilot making the rounds in Hollywood right now. CBS has cast William Shatner as the “dad” saying all the shit and is currently trying to make room for the new show by pushing “Big Bang Theory” […]

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Awesome Steampunk Laptop

This went around the net over a year ago, but I just ran back across it and goddamn is it pretty… I figured I’d share it again. This ‘Datamancer‘ fellow (who’s website uses WAY too many big words) put together his own Steampunk laptop using a foundation of an old clock. Evey piece down to […]

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