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Good News, Tucson!

Um, thank you?  I don’t even really know what this magazine is specifically about, but it poses the question, “What is happening to PASTORS?” I am not sure, but judging by the photo it probably involves a rifle and a clocktower.  Not sure if it’s the PASTOR giving or receiving the lead host, but I am […]

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Reminder: Windows 7 RC Expires in 3 Days

Friendly reminder to all the folks out there still running Windows 7 RC from last year – it expires in 3 days (probably more like 2 days by the time you read this). After the install expires, your computer will start shutting itself down automatically every 2 hours; so you should take this expiration pretty […]

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Dietary Supplements Effectiveness – Bubble Chart

Information is Beautiful has a very slick interactive bubble chart of all the dietary supplements out there sorted by both size (indicating how popular the supplement is) and position (the higher up in the chart, the more scientific proof confirms it works).

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Citi Announces "No Balance" Penalty for Card Holders

Thanks to Todd Swarthout for the heads up on this one. In a world where logic is dictated by the guy with the biggest bank account balance, Citi has started notifying card-holders that if they spend less than $2400/year they will be charged a $60 yearly “service fee” in order for Citi to cover it’s “rising […]

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In Defense of Mass Effect 2 or Yeah It Is Too!

Mass Effect 2 has been out about a month now and while it has sold very, very well and garnered near-universal critical praise there has been a vocal element around the internet whining about all the things wrong with it.  Given that I found the game to be damn near perfect, I think these people […]

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Intel X25-M 160GB SSD vs Seagate Cheetah 15k.6 SCSI Benchmarks

What happens when you are addicted to speed and have a Seagate Cheetah 15k.6 (SCSI) drive setup in your desktop and a brand new Intel X25-M in your laptop? You benchmark them, that’s what!

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Apache Wicket Powers and

Update #1: From the same development team that did the site in Wicket also clarified that they finished (last year) the website using Wicket as well. That’s some serious props to Wicket! I am on the Apache Wicket mailing list and one of the developers (Joachim) on the list wrote in this morning to […]

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IntelliJ IDEA 9 Subversion Functionality Is Buggy as Sin

Update #2: After a few weeks of testing this issue out, I’ve narrowed down the issue to the following scenario that causes this to happen: Invoke an SVN operation that pops up a dialog (like a commit) Hit the action button (e.g. “Commit”) ISSUE: Sometimes the dialog will hang for up to 8 seconds, looking […]

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Favorite Ambient Instrumental Radio Station for Work

I wanted to make this post because as highly distractable person who likes music, I almost always work in deafening silence. As much as I like music, I cannot work with it on because anytime a catchy tune comes on my brain refocuses its attention on the music instead of what I’m suppose to be doing. For […]

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Geek and Poke Web Comic

Thanks to Eugene Ostroukhov for this awesome link to Geek and Poke web comic for geeks:

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Heavy Rain Might Be Hilarious-er Than Intended

This is just a little Sunday aside, but web comic Ctrl-Alt-Delete did their take on the Heavy Rain control scheme and I got a kick out of it: Having played through the demo (for anyone that hasn’t) it’s really not that bad. Some of the prompts are a little subtle sometimes, but I didn’t find […]

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New FX Animated Series "Archer" Is Funny

Ok so it’s a slow Sunday and I’m working my way around the web and finally decided to give the new animated series Archer a try over on Hulu (they have Episodes 1, 2 and 3 up). I’m impressed. Not only is the show well written and the jokes really well-timed, but the voice actors […]

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Website Gzip Online Compression Test Tool

We’ve been tweaking with the gzip compression on the web server that hosts, and and I kept having to dig for online tools to quickly and easily test if the compression was working and by how much. (We’ve been adjusting the DeflateCompressionLevel argument to find a good balance between compressed page content and […]

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How to Check if Apache is Running Prefork or Worker

For about the last week I’ve been trying to tweak the performance of a particular Apache server with varying degrees of success and failure. The biggest frustration is that I haven’t been able to find a way to determine which MPM mode Apache was running in: Prefork or Worker. Without that information I couldn’t tell […]

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Google Finalizes On2 Video Codec Company Acquisition

The Register reports that Google has finalized it’s acquisition of On2 Technologies for a total of $124.6 million ($18 million more than originally offered). On2 Technologies produced the VP3 codec and open-sourced it as the platform for the Ogg Theora video codec. The company continued development on their proprietary video compression and playback codecs and […]

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20% off Entire Lenovo Outlet Store

And another smoking-hot coupon we found online, have fun! From Dealsea Use coupon code “SAVE20″ when checking out from the Lenovo Outlet Store to get 20% off your order. The state of the content sold by the Outlet Store is described as follows: New Order canceled and never shipped Factory direct excess Redistributed Product was […]

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Free Motorola Droid on Verizon via Bing Cash-Back (2-year Contract Required)

Whenever we see deals online that make our ears perk up, we repost them here because we can’t be the only ones that think these are saucy. From Dealsea Click here to go to Microsoft Bing. Click on the Wirefly Bing Cashback link on the top. Your Motorola Droid for Verizon Wireless is $49.99 – $50 […]

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Sleepy Kitty Kneading Before Snuggles

I couldn’t think of a proper title for this… Jesus Christ it’s cute… maybe too cute. I love the fact that video cameras are so prevalent so we can capture stuff like this and stick it on YouTube.

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Epic Beard Man Explains What Happened on the Bus

We previously blogged about “Epic Beard Man“, the 60-some-year-old man that beat down a teenager who suckered him on the bus. Re-watching the video you get this sense that EBM is some American Hero who was just trying to get home to feed his cat and take care of some homeless kids, but it look […]

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Creator of Wikipedia – Fail Fast, Fail Often

“Fear of Failure” is something that is near and dear to my heart and in that vein, was really drawn to Jimmy Wales (found of Wikipedia’s) talk at TEDx about failure. Wales pointed out that before Wikipedia he had created 3 massive failures that all bombed relatively quickly: Local Restaurant Dining Service (No one wanted to […]

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Mitsubishi Announces Seamless 1080p to 4k2k Upscaling

Thanks goes to Akihabara News for the heads up that Mitsubishi has announced seamless HD upscaling to 4k2k resolution. The technology currently supports HDMI 1.4 spec but no direct Blu-ray upscaling according to Mitsubishi — which we don’t entirely understand. If the display is upscaling the signal it’s getting, what does it care of it’s […]

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redbox Blu-ray Disk Rentals Coming Q2 2010

HomeMediaMag reports that this week, Coinstar CEO Paul Davis (the parent company of redbox), said that Blu-ray disk rentals would start rolling out to the redbox kiosks mid-year and are already being tested in a few select redbox rental units around the country (currently there are around 22k redbox rental units deployed nationwide). Davis promises […]

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Sharktopus & Dinoshark Set to Out-Shark Mega Shark (Sharkey Shark Shark)

We know Mega Shark, he battled Giant Octopus in a horrible B-movie where at one point Mega Shark lept from the ocean into the sky and ate an airplane. That happens from time to time. What you don’t know is that Roger Corman, the king of shit B-movies (I’m not kidding with “king”, he’s produced […]

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This is Why People Pirate Movies

The graphic above is a chart showing the different experience between a person who pirated a movie and a person who purchased it. It’s one of the best visualizations I’ve seen of why people pirate movies in a long time. Beyond that, I would add that accessibility of the media is the most-common reason for piracy. […]

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