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Reminder: Windows 7 RC Expires in 3 Days

Friendly reminder to all the folks out there still running Windows 7 RC from last year – it expires in 3 days (probably more like 2 days by the time you read this). After the install expires, your computer will start shutting itself down automatically every 2 hours; so you should take this expiration pretty […]

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Website Gzip Online Compression Test Tool

We’ve been tweaking with the gzip compression on the web server that hosts, and and I kept having to dig for online tools to quickly and easily test if the compression was working and by how much. (We’ve been adjusting the DeflateCompressionLevel argument to find a good balance between compressed page content and […]

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Google Finalizes On2 Video Codec Company Acquisition

The Register reports that Google has finalized it’s acquisition of On2 Technologies for a total of $124.6 million ($18 million more than originally offered). On2 Technologies produced the VP3 codec and open-sourced it as the platform for the Ogg Theora video codec. The company continued development on their proprietary video compression and playback codecs and […]

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20% off Entire Lenovo Outlet Store

And another smoking-hot coupon we found online, have fun! From Dealsea Use coupon code “SAVE20” when checking out from the Lenovo Outlet Store to get 20% off your order. The state of the content sold by the Outlet Store is described as follows: New Order canceled and never shipped Factory direct excess Redistributed Product was […]

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Creator of Wikipedia – Fail Fast, Fail Often

“Fear of Failure” is something that is near and dear to my heart and in that vein, was really drawn to Jimmy Wales (found of Wikipedia’s) talk at TEDx about failure. Wales pointed out that before Wikipedia he had created 3 massive failures that all bombed relatively quickly: Local Restaurant Dining Service (No one wanted to […]

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Mitsubishi Announces Seamless 1080p to 4k2k Upscaling

Thanks goes to Akihabara News for the heads up that Mitsubishi has announced seamless HD upscaling to 4k2k resolution. The technology currently supports HDMI 1.4 spec but no direct Blu-ray upscaling according to Mitsubishi — which we don’t entirely understand. If the display is upscaling the signal it’s getting, what does it care of it’s […]

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redbox Blu-ray Disk Rentals Coming Q2 2010

HomeMediaMag reports that this week, Coinstar CEO Paul Davis (the parent company of redbox), said that Blu-ray disk rentals would start rolling out to the redbox kiosks mid-year and are already being tested in a few select redbox rental units around the country (currently there are around 22k redbox rental units deployed nationwide). Davis promises […]

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This is Why People Pirate Movies

The graphic above is a chart showing the different experience between a person who pirated a movie and a person who purchased it. It’s one of the best visualizations I’ve seen of why people pirate movies in a long time. Beyond that, I would add that accessibility of the media is the most-common reason for piracy. […]

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